5 Benefits of Monitoring Your Water Consumption with Smartvatten

5 Benefits of Monitoring Your Water Consumption with Smartvatten

With increasing international concern for water scarcity and corresponding rises in costs, a responsible approach to water management is the smart choice. And that starts with accurate insight by monitoring your real estate portfolio’s water consumption. Find out about the different options out there, and why the Smartvatten service is your best and most comprehensive option.

Recording water consumption is a manual affair for a lot of companies. Every year, the property manager or maintenance team heads out to each location in your portfolio to take down the readings. A manual reading is simple, doesn’t take much time, can be performed whenever you need it, and requires no special equipment. But is it really necessary to do it in person? How accurate is it? What does it actually tell you about the property’s water consumption? And is once a year enough? For accurate and useful data, you need more than pen and paper.


From Manual to Fully Automated

Since manual readings are only as accurate as the person who records them, they’re prone to error. Automated monitoring is a better option. Installing a water meter with pulse output measures the volume of water that flows through a conduit. It’s able to measure consumption on an hourly basis. But while hourly tracking is certainly an upgrade, it’s not accurate enough to dispense with manual readings.

With an ultrasonic flow meter, the velocity of water flowing through a pipe is determined by using sound waves. Instead of relying on hourly estimates, they provide you with real-time data. It can even be programmed to detect leaks and send out alerts and is able to enter information into your property management system for you. But with the ultrasonic flow meter, you need to replace your existing water meter – that’s a pretty big investment, and not every utility company allows you to do so.

That’s why Smartvatten has made it its mission to come up with a solution that’s affordable, user-friendly and remotely provides highly accurate and detailed information in real-time.


Check out the 5 benefits of the Smartvatten optical water monitoring system:

  1. Easily installed – A simple device is placed on your existing water meter and hooked up to our optical recognition software. It only takes five minutes, works on every water meter around the world and doesn’t require either replacing the meter or a complicated installation.
  2. Monitors data remotely – Once the device is installed, it’s immediately connected to our cloud-based system. No need to send in your maintenance team for manual readings when you can see exactly what’s happening remotely.
  3. Provides real-time information – We track and analyze your data in real-time, monitoring continuously and sending out regular reports on your consumption. Track how much water is used and when, and easily compare your data to previous months, seasons or years. Our system easily integrates with yours and we can even send your data to your water company.
  4. Detects leaks and sends out alerts – Because of our continuous real-time monitoring, we can easily spot deviations in your consumption. The system sends out automated leak alerts, making sure you can prevent serious damage and save water, time and money.
  5. Sold as a service – There’s no initial investment. Smartvatten is sold as a service, which includes the device, our cloud-based software, leak alerts, regular reports and the support of our Customer Success Team.


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