5 Simple Steps to Create Your Water Strategy & Start Saving

5 Simple Steps to Create Your Water Strategy & Start Saving

Water is one of the biggest expenses in the real estate sector. With every tap, shower, toilet and heating facility, millions of liters of water flow through your properties’ pipelines. Taking into account the costs of undetected leaks and excessive use, the potential savings are impressive. A clear water efficiency strategy enables you to use water responsibly, save money and help limit the strain on natural resources. And with Smartvatten, it only takes 5 simple steps!

1. Measure

To create a strategy that’s tailored to the specific needs of your portfolio, we first need to understand your consumption. How much water do your assets use? To find out, we start by measuring your water use. The Smartvatten device is mounted on your buildings’ water meters, connects to our cloud-based software, and then records and tracks your water consumption in real-time. No need for property managers or maintenance teams to manually record meters all over the country!


2. Analyze

Monitoring and analyzing water consumption in real-time not only provide your company with the most accurate, high-quality data, it also immediately spots deviations. Our software automatically sends out leak alerts, making sure you can act quickly and prevent waste and serious damage to your properties. Our regular reports and online portal provide detailed insights into your water use. Find out how water is used during day and night, different seasons and throughout the year.


3. Evaluate

Now that we know the amount of water that’s consumed, it’s time to find out how it’s used and where you can start saving. In a water saving survey, Smartvatten experts thoroughly examine the current state of your water supply, installations and sanitation system. What’s your water pressure like? Do the bathrooms have double-flush options and water-saving showerheads? We’ll figure out exactly where you can save, and how to do it as efficiently as possible.


4. Strategize

With the combined data on your water consumption and the state of your system, we’re ready to share our insights into the best options for improvement. Together, we’ll map out a plan to upgrade your system and reduce both waste and costs in a clear water efficiency strategy that’s user-friendly, sustainable and future-proof.


5. Save

By installing water-saving devices, like dual-flush toilets and water-saving showerheads, and making sure the whole water system runs smoothly, without leaks or excessive use, we’ll have you saving water, time and money in no-time!


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