5 Situations Property Owners Can Avoid Thanks to Water Monitoring

5 Situations Property Owners Can Avoid Thanks to Water Monitoring

Chances are that you’re not that fond of sending in your annual water meter readings. They have to be recorded in person and by hand, at each separate property you own. And the readings don’t tell you all that much about your actual consumption. With real-time remote monitoring, that’s all in the past. Find out about the hassles you can avoid by monitoring your water consumption in real-time.


1.  No more manual meter readings

By remotely tracking and recording your properties’ water consumption, you don’t need to send anyone out to check every meter. That saves time and effort and, since manual readings are prone to error, prevents mistakes.


2. No more discovering damage when it’s too late

With real-time monitoring and analysis, any deviations to your normal use are spotted immediately. You’ll receive automated leak alerts, allowing you to check your property, fix the leak and prevent serious damage.



3. No more data by the 1000s

Checking your water meter annually doesn’t exactly give you accurate insight into your consumption. Instead of measuring your water use by the thousands, Smartvatten provides you data per deciliter. Track exactly how much you use and when!


4. No need for multiple platforms

No more trying to keep up with all the programs where you need to enter your consumption data. Because of our simple API-integration, our system easily integrates with yours. We can even automatically share your data with your water company.


5. No longer limited to yearly analyses

Real-time water monitoring allows you to check in with your water consumption at any time. Apart from our regular reports and leak alerts, you have 24/7 access to your data in our online portal. Compare your data to previous months, seasons or years, and track just how much you’re saving!


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