Behind the Scenes: Making Connections With the Customer Success Team

Behind the Scenes: Making Connections With the Customer Success Team

The success of the Smartvatten service does not just lie in its smart leak detection system or high-quality analyses – it’s because of our people, too. Our Customer Success Team forms the bridge between the company and its clients, making our connection personal and mutually beneficial as we directly put all feedback to work in developing our service.    


Smartvatten’s services are smart solutions: they work remotely and automatically, and should require almost no human intervention. But the human touch does add value, and we believe it’s indispensable. The Customer Success Team maintains a close relationship with all clients, shares its expertise, helps come up with sustainable ideas and strategies, and asks for your honest feedback to be able to continuously develop the service we’re offering so we can grow together.


“We’re very proud of the service we’re offering,” says Nick Hirschstein, Customer Experience Team Lead at Smartvatten, “but we’re also realistic. We know that there’s always room to improve.” One of the improvements currently in development is an upgrade of the online portal, that offers more insights and access to data than before. And customer feedback was indispensable in the process.


Creating Peace of Mind

Where Customer Service responds to the daily questions and challenges that come up, Customer Success is there to dive into the deeper issues – ones that come up after clients have been monitoring their consumption for a while and want to take action to become more water efficient. What do people want to learn from their collected data? How can they fully utilize it? The Customer Success Team helps figure out those questions every day, while thinking of and planning for the long-term.


“We want to make sure it’s as easy as possible to spot which properties need extra improvements, and which ones they don’t have to worry about at all,” says Hirschstein. It’s about making water efficiency as efficient and user-friendly as possible, instead of another time-consuming chore on a long to-do list for property and facility managers. “Clients have much more on their mind than just water. And with us, they don’t have to be experts on water, because with our expertise and insights, we can offer peace of mind on that subject.”


Long-Term Relationships

Smartvatten’s subscription-based service means that we’re working with long-term relationships. It’s not just a bit of software, it’s ongoing guidance and continuous development based on direct feedback to make the most out of the data on the road to a sustainable future. Apart from interactions that come up when customers have a question or issue they need help with, Customer Success checks in both on a regular basis and whenever there are changes in the application or at the customer’s end. “By fully understanding where the customer’s at and its current needs, we hope to offer useful advice in the process to become water efficient and save water.” And that includes bigger projects like creating a smart water management strategy, where the combination of collected consumption data on the portfolio and the team’s extensive experience really come together.


Beyond direct customer interactions, Customer Success is also increasingly working with third parties to make everything run smoother. “Think of companies that create building management systems or energy management platforms,” Hirschstein says. “Those collaborations and our API integrations benefit our customers by reducing time-consuming tasks and making everything more user-friendly and accessible.” The same goes for water utilities. By connecting with local water utilities and discussing the use of Smartvatten’s service, we work to simplify and ease another part of the water process and join forces to work on water conservation together. And in Sweden and Finland, for example, that’s already going quite well.


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