Breaking Down the Price of Water

Breaking Down the Price of Water

Your monthly water bill pays for all the water you consume. It covers glasses of water, showers, baths, the water needed to do laundry, dishes, wash cars, and watering plants. But that’s not all it pays for. So, what exactly does your property’s water bill cover? We’ve broken it down for you.


Your water bill is not simply about your water consumption. The average monthly (or quarterly) water bill is made up of several elements:

Connection – The first item on your water bill is not about consumption: it’s about your connection to the system. Water has to be transported to your property before you can open the taps. For that, you’re charged a standing connection fee. This fee pays for your connection, transportation, and maintenance of the system – like pipes and meters. The bigger your connection, the bigger your fee – regardless of the amount you use. 

Consumption – This is the part that’s actually about how much you use: your consumption of freshwater in cubic meters (m3). You’re usually billed for an estimate of the amount you’ll use in that month. Your water meter then tracks the exact amount of water used in the property. At the end of a set period of time – usually a year – the correct amount is calculated, and you either receive a refund or pay extra.

Waste and taxes – After the water you’ve used goes down the drain, it’s transported through the sewers and has to be treated before it can be used again. To pay for these services, you’re billed per cubic meter consumed. You also pay environmental taxes for each cubic meter you use.


Calculating the Cost of Water

The cost of water is determined by several factors. The origin of the water and how it’s extracted is one factor. Groundwater is cheaper to extract and requires less treatment than taking water from a river, for example.

The amount of maintenance the system requires is another. Old pipes, densely populated areas, and periods of extreme drought or flooding – they all affect how much money has to be invested in maintaining the infrastructure needed to provide each property with water.


Saving Water and Money

While we can’t influence the price of water, standing charges or taxes, we can manage our own consumption to become more water efficient. That starts with accurate insight into your usage: if you measure it, you can manage it. And that’s what we do at Smartvatten.

By installing a simple device on your water meter, we remotely track and record your water consumption in real-time. Linked to our cloud-based software, your data is then collected and analyzed without delay. With our leak detection system and detailed insights into your consumption, you can put together a clear water efficiency strategy and start saving water and money.

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