Water is one of the essential
ingredients of life.

It makes up more than half of our bodies, and covers two-thirds of the earth’s surface. While most of us take its presence for granted, millions of people deal with water scarcity on a daily basis. And by 2030, that will be true for 40% of the world’s population.*

At Smartvatten, we think the world of water.

Clean water ensures our wellbeing, enables food production, and creates innumerable possibilities for businesses in every society. That’s why we are committed to saving hundreds of millions of liters of water every year, and making clean water for everyone a reality.

The real estate sector plays a big part in the world’s water consumption, making its potential impact on water conservation significant.

Together with our clients, we want to build a water-efficient future. A future where the value of clean water is appreciated and its responsible use is an ongoing, worldwide effort. A future where everyone does their part. And we’ll do ours by helping the real estate sector focus on sustainable solutions that not only reduce costs, but help save our environment.


Trust is the foundation of our organization. We take care of each other, our stakeholders, and our environment. We keep our promises and act transparently as individuals and as an organization.


We build an open, positive, and encouraging atmosphere together with our colleagues and stakeholders. We thank each other, value diversity, encourage creativity and share our know-how.


We are passionate about devoting our talent and efforts to drive for more sustainable future.


We are committed to developing our products and services, our personnel, and our organization towards our goal of being the world’s leading provider of water-efficiency technology and expertise.