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Electronic Invoicing

We do our part to make electronic invoicing more common and we hope to receive our invoices as electronic invoices always when possible.

Electronic invoice operator OpusCapita Group Oy
Operator ID 003710948874
Electronic invoicing address (OVT) 003725793633

Paper Invoices

Envera Oy
00063 Laskunet

Please note that only invoices may be sent to this address.

Price 2 € / day / main water meter (Excl. VAT)

  • Includes start up, maintenance, connection, and service costs
  • Can be cancelled at any time

The product is delivered by courier.

1. Information of the building

Name of the Building

Street address

Zip code / Postal code
Number of Water meters

2. Information of the contact person

First Name

I accept the general terms and conditions of the Smartvatten remote monitoring service