Deepki and Smartvatten Partner Up to Offer Insight into Water & Energy Data

Deepki and Smartvatten Partner Up to Offer Insight into Water & Energy Data

Accessing water and energy consumption data in one go is now even easier for customers of Deepki and Smartvatten – thanks to their new API-integration. Being able to compare and cross-reference data on your real estate portfolio’s ESG performance makes the journey toward a sustainable future that much simpler.

Deepki offers a fully populated ESG data intelligence platform and combines it with expert advisory services. With end-to-end solutions, the company leverages data to improve ESG performance and enhance the value of real estate assets. Deepki’s aim is to support real estate players in their transition to net zero and a sustainable future and turn real estate into a positive force for the planet.

And that vision of the future is something they have in common with Smartvatten. Founded in 2013, the company specializes in water efficiency. Smartvatten facilitates the remote monitoring of water consumption in real estate across Europe with a scalable device and smart software and shares its full-service water efficiency expertise worldwide.


Helping Real Estate Become Sustainable

In January, the Deepki and Smartvatten API-integration went live. And that makes the two companies partners on the road to helping the real estate sector become sustainable. “At Smartvatten, we’re very happy to collaborate with Deepki. We’re accelerating our growth and see a lot of traction from our Pan-European clients, which makes this collaboration an essential part of our vision for the future,” says Tim Twisk, Global Key Account Manager at Smartvatten.


Sharing Data Across Platforms

API-integrations enable different systems to communicate with each other, allowing us to facilitate the exchange of data. It enables our customers to automatically transfer their water consumption data into their own system, instead of having to manually download and import the information.

For Deepki , Smartvatten is the first water company to have a direct integration with their platform. Our common customers can now access all their data in one easy step. “We know our solution to improve water efficiency is often part of a larger digitalization strategy for our clients,” Twisk says. “For such a strategy, it’s essential to be able to compare and cross-reference water consumption and energy performance.”

Alan Floch, data collect quality expert at Deepki, says: “We believe that working closely with Smartvatten is a great opportunity for our common customers to have a more efficient water data collection process. It’s important for an ESG SaaS company like Deepki to have confidence in a data provider with the same philosophy. The data collection becomes simpler, which ultimately allows us to deliver best in class service to our users.”

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