Expanding Our Reach & Raising Awareness

Expanding Our Reach & Raising Awareness

For Smartvatten, 2021 was a year of successes. From detecting and preventings leaks around the world to expanding our services to 22 countries, to raising awareness about water scarcity and its consequences for the real estate market and sharing data on water-related CO2 emissions. We are proud of the efforts of our team and customers to deliver a meaningful contribution on the road to a water efficient future.     

Smartvatten is now up and running in 22 countries. That’s something that gives us great pride, and it’s also testament to the trust our customers put in Smartvatten. More than half of our growth is due to our existing customers. They have seen the results and not only want to stay, but are expanding, purchasing more, and doing portfolio-wide roll-outs. It also emphasizes the scalability of our services: no matter where your properties are or what kind of buildings you manage, we’ll help you monitor, analyze and improve your water consumption.


Preventing Waste and Damage

In 2021, we detected 41,259 leaks in the buildings we’re monitoring, this helped our customers prevent wasting water, money and serious damage. And with water prices on the rise across Europe, that’s now even more important to portfolio owners.


Raising Awareness

We have worked hard to raise awareness about the importance of water efficiency among current and potential clients in conversations, articles and our white paper. By focusing on the professionally led property portfolio owners who already prioritize their sustainable agenda, we’ve made significant steps to add water to their list of ESG-priorities. And as of right now, 20 of the top 100 global portfolio owners have partnered up with Smartvatten.


Linking Water & Energy Consumption

As we know we were the first company in the world in the real estate sector to include CO2 emissions due to water consumption in our reports, we’re also raising awareness of the hidden costs of water consumption. The transportation, treatment, and heating of water all use energy. Improving your water efficiency not only decreases your water bill, it cuts your energy costs, too. Heating one cubic meter of water consumes 0.058 megawatt hours of energy. In residential buildings, Smartvatten customers are saving 20% on their water bill on average – and that also means they save 5% on energy.


Sharing, Comparing & Integrating Data

Reporting is one of the subjects we’re continuously developing. Last year, we launched the Smartvatten Water Efficiency Index, allowing portfolio owners to compare their water efficiency performance to that of their competitors. And as companies prepare for the EU Taxonomy and Global Compact codes, we are there to help with the most scalable way to start measuring water and by providing advanced software that easily integrates with any building management software. We’re already providing data to almost 100 different systems – and there’s no system where we couldn’t enable the same. We’ll always make it work.

Interested to read more about the water data we collect? Take a look at our first Annual Water Report, out on January 27, where we’ve taken the largest European collection of real-time water data from real estate owners, analyze it, and share our insights into increasing water prices, the prevalence of leaks in different types of properties, and the impact of water use on CO2 emissions.


We look forward to taking the next steps on the road to sustainability together in 2022!

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