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The camera that monitors water consumption covers the water meter making it impossible for me to read it. How do I find out the consumption rate?

You can access all data about the property’s water consumption at Master.fi. To read the meter, select the consumption view and move your mouse over the chosen time period.

The property’s water consumption data is also included in your monthly report. If you don’t have access to the report, simply check the current consumption rate by inserting the 6-figure installation code from your water meter to https://www.fiksuvesi.fi/install.

Price 2 € / day / main water meter (Excl. VAT)

  • Includes start up, maintenance, connection, and service costs
  • Can be cancelled at any time

The product is delivered by courier.

1. Information of the building

Name of the Building

Street address

Zip code / Postal code
Number of Water meters

2. Information of the contact person

First Name

I accept the general terms and conditions of the Smartvatten remote monitoring service