Five Advantages of Monitoring Your Property’s Water Consumption at the Tenant Level

Five Advantages of Monitoring Your Property’s Water Consumption at the Tenant Level

Pinpoint leaks, provide consumption-based billing, and score extra points for your ESG certifications. The Smartvatten submetering service makes it possible to not just monitor, measure and analyze your property’s water consumption for the whole building, but at the tenant level. Find out the advantages of taking the next step toward full water efficiency and a sustainable future.



Access to More Detailed Data

Monitoring the water consumption of each apartment or unit in your property adds a deeper level to our consumption analytics. By connecting patterns and abnormalities to more specific locations, our system can get a much better understanding of the property’s use of water. It allows our software to provide more detailed data, helping you create and implement the best possible water efficiency strategy for your property. And, of course, each tenant’s individual consumption data is only accessible to the tenants themselves, in full compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.


Advanced Leak Localization

It also means that we’ll be able to provide you with the most actionable data. A leak somewhere in your property? With submeters installed in each unit, our system will be able to determine whether you need to send someone to apartment 3B or down to the basement, to check your technical installations.


Accurate Consumption-Based Billing

Submetering makes sure your tenants are invoiced fairly. With accurate data on each unit’s consumption, they’ll only for what they use – no more, no less. No need for complex calculations to predict service fees for water or time-consuming discussions with tenants. You’ll also be fully compliant with EU legislation on fair billing. And we can even send those bills out for you.


Active Tenant Involvement

Our submetering service enables tenants to be actively involved in their own water management. Apart from fair billing, the submetering service gives them easy access to their consumption data through their household display and mobile app. Tenants receive leak alerts and are able to track their daily consumption and calculate their costs, promoting responsible use.


Additional Points for Your ESG Certifications

Adding submeters to the properties in your portfolio means you’re making even more of an effort to monitor and manage water consumption. An excellent step on the road to a sustainable future, and it also helps you score additional points on your ESG certifications.

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