Thank you and happy holidays!

Thank you and happy holidays!

Dear customers and partners,

As 2020 draws to a close, I would like to thank you warmly for your cooperation in improving the water efficiency of buildings.


Internationalization is proceeding

Despite the challenges posed by Covid-19, our business grew significantly during the past year. We serve customers in 14 different countries thru Smartvatten service and our customer satisfaction is at a record level. With successful recruitment and partnership choices, our growth was particularly strong in the Benelux and Nordics regions.

During the year, we received significant recognition in a number of different competitions, the most significant of which were: winning the Rabobank Innovation Challenge, being selected as a finalist in the Swedish BA Awards and being nominated as the most significant real estate growth company of the year in the Netherlands.


Solid benefits of remote monitoring service for our customers

With real-time water consumption monitoring and leakage alarm algorithms, we have alerted more than 25,000 water leaks to our customers properties this year. In the case of water and sewage charges alone, the cost of these leaks would have continued to total more than € 40,000 per day, not to mention the possible structural damage to the properties caused by the leaks.


Number one in water efficient buildings

In line with our renewed strategy, we want to be a pioneer in water efficiency in properties. As a concrete example of this, in December 2020 we launched reporting on CO2 emissions caused by water use to our customers.

The coming year will be a year of strong international growth for us. In order to grow the business, during 2021 we will recruit a total of 15-20 new water efficiency professionals to all our country offices. As a result of the eNPS survey measuring work satisfaction, we got a top score of 78 in the December measurement, so it’s good to join us!

Instead of buying Christmas presents, this year we have decided to make a donation to charity. Our employees voted to make a donation to the John Nurminen Foundation whose mission is to save the Baltic Sea.

On behalf of all our staff, I wish you a happy holidays and a successful 2021!

With Best Regards,
Jussi Niiniaho