How sustainable is your hotel business? – Download our brand new research report to find out

How sustainable is your hotel business? – Download our brand new research report to find out

For a few years now, environmental sustainability has been a hot topic in the hotel industry. However, while European hotel managers seem to be fully aware of its importance and implications, we felt that they could really use some up-to-date benchmark data and practical tips from their peers.

And since we couldn’t find any information that would fill this gaping void, we decided to conduct some research of our own.

We’ve got some questions

During our trip to Marbella for the European Hotel Managers Association’s Annual General Meeting in mid-March, we woke up to the reality that hotel managers are very interested in learning about new solutions that will help them conserve water, energy, and the environment.

However, when we tried to look for some benchmark data about the tools and technologies hotel managers are currently using to manage the consumption of water and energy, our attempts fell short. To our surprise, we couldn’t really find anything remotely useful.

For that specific reason, we decided to conduct our own research with a clear focus on the following questions:

  • How important is environmental sustainability to European hotel managers?
  • How advanced is sustainable hotel management in Europe?
  • Which practices, products, and devices are hotel managers currently using to manage the environmental impact of their business? What about in the future?
  • What do hotel managers consider as the biggest challenges when it comes to sustainable hotel management?

… and you’ve got the answers!

To get the answers we asked 40 European hotel managers to complete a brief online survey. In addition, we interviewed 3 industry thought leaders to get deeper insights about how leading hotels in Europe manage waste, water, and energy.

If you’re interested in seeing how your business compares, download the research report for free.