How to Balance Your Budget With a Water Efficiency Strategy

How to Balance Your Budget With a Water Efficiency Strategy

Water takes up a large part of your property’s budget. It’s not just about your consumption, but about sanitation, taxes, and even your energy bill. With a clear water efficiency strategy, you can optimize your use of water and make sure you don’t pay more than you have to. And with prices on the rise, that’s now an even smarter move.

A lot of us don’t consider water to be the most expensive resource we use. But with water, it’s more than just the liters you drink or use in the shower. You also use water to flush your toilet, do your laundry and dishes, water your plants and lawn, wash your car, and even heat your house. And when your water bill arrives, you can see that you’re also paying for the transportation through the pipes to your house and out of your house and through the sewers once it goes down your drain.

Running and maintaining that entire system costs time, energy, and money. And we’re all charged for that upkeep – whether it’s through the direct price per liter or through taxes. With water scarcity an increasing problem throughout the world, prices are on the rise and water will become an even bigger part of your property’s budget. So, how can you decrease your water consumption and your bill?


Measure Your Property

The first step to becoming water efficient is all about understanding your consumption behavior and the status of your system, so you can create and then implement an informed strategy. By continuously monitoring and measuring your consumption, you’ll gain insight into behavior patterns, excessive use, and potential leaks. A thorough water survey can add perspective on your system’s performance: from water pressure and flow rates to the state of your pipes and installations. Find out if anything is not running as smoothly as we’d like to achieve the optimal water efficiency for your property.


Analyze Your Data

Once you start monitoring your water use from the moment it enters your property until the time it goes down your drains, our software immediately starts analyzing the data. That means that right from day one, you’ll be alerted to any abnormalities, usually indicating a leak. Our highly detailed monitoring system often picks up leaks before you can even spot them, sending out an immediate automated alert, allowing you to fix the problem and prevent serious waste and damage, as well as the steep repair fees associated with them.

And while the big ones are often hard to miss, our system also picks up on the smallest of leaks. Think of a dripping tap or continuously running toilet – they don’t really bother anyone or do any damage to your property since the excess water goes down the drain immediately, but they can add up to thousands of liters wasted. And that’s a big, unnecessary expense.


Balance Your Budget

With all that information, you can start implementing water-saving measures. Some don’t even cost you a thing, like adjusting your high water pressure to a level that still comfortably reaches the top floors but is much more sustainable. Others cost hardly anything, like installing water-saving showerheads or aerators on your taps and limiting your flow rates.

Installing dual-flush toilets and water-saving appliances during your next scheduled renovations will also go a long way in saving on your water bill. And apart from those savings, you’ll find your energy bill goes down, too. In residential buildings, Smartvatten customers are saving 20% on their water bill on average and see their energy bill go down by 5%.

Transforming your property into a water efficient environment helps you balance your budget now, and in the future. You’ll be ready for any price increases, knowing that you have optimized your water management. And you’ll also be compliant with the increasingly strict environmental regulations for the real estate sector, helping you to prevent future fines or even stranded assets.

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