How to Implement Your Water Strategy & Start Saving

How to Implement Your Water Strategy & Start Saving

At Smartvatten, we believe that the water conservation starts with measuring consumption. You find out how much is used, if there are leaks, and the amount of water that’s wasted. But after fixing existing leaks and collecting all that data, what’s next? How can you put your data to good use and work on tangible improvements? Join us on May 20th during a live webinar and find out!


The world is increasingly dealing with water scarcity and rising water prices. That means that good water management in the property sector is not just a responsible choice, it’s a smart one. Once you’ve gained insight into your portfolio’s water consumption and fulfilled all the reporting requirements, it’s time for the next step: saving water (and money)

On May 20th, we’ll dive into the finer points of water saving strategies together. Find out about simple steps you can take, how to get started and what it can mean for your water bill. We’ll give practical tips, share examples from the field, and answer any questions you might have.


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  • the effect of water management in real estate
  • the ways to save water in properties
  • creating a water savings strategy
  • implementing your water strategy


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