How to Make Your Water Consumption Safer and More Sustainable – All While Saving Money

How to Make Your Water Consumption Safer and More Sustainable – All While Saving Money

A billion euros. That’s how much water damage costs society every year. Smartvatten offers a solution that is as simple as it is ingenious. Not only can you immediately act on any water leaks, but you can also stop the waste of water that causes you to literally flush money down the drain.

Water damage costs property owners almost 600 million euros annually, and society around one billion every year. That corresponds to about 2.5 million every day.

“When it comes to water, the issue of safety is neglected in society. All property owners have energy goals, but few have water goals, although we are now noticing an increasing awareness of the issue,” says Ali Salman, Global Key Account Manager at Smartvatten. The company has worked with water safety for many years and has seen how big the damage can be when accidents occur.

“Water damage is the ultimate nightmare for a property owner. Not only with the financial blow that a clean-up entails,” Salman says, “it’s also other factors such as temporary housing and the emotional effect on residents that makes the problem so extensive.”


Instant leak alerts

Keeping track of a property’s water consumption is often done manually by reading the water meters and sharing the data ​​once a month. Follow-ups of the data collected is rare and the possibility of detecting a major discrepancy in water consumption is small. Smartvatten works with a solution that is as simple as it is ingenious. A camera is installed on the water meter, which takes a picture every minute and sends it up to the digital cloud, ensuring data is continuously collected.

“When a leak occurs, the system instantly responds to the change in water consumption and sends an alert to the person in charge. This enables immediate action to fix the problem – before too much damage has occurred,” says Salman.


Less Leaks Means Less Costs

By keeping track of your water consumption, you can also take to reduce waste. And with water prices on the rise, there’s financial incentive to review water use. “A quarter of our customers save up to 25 percent on their water costs. Leaking taps and continuously flowing toilets are detected immediately. By switching off valves in turn, you can see changes in real time and locate where adjustments need to be made,” says Salman.

“With the right background information, property managers can make informed decisions regarding everything from maintenance plans to new investments much more easily. If, for example, the toilets are leaking, it can be financially justifiable to speed up the investment in new ones.”

An additional advantage of Smartvatten’s solution is the time aspect. Property managers no longer have to go around and read water meters but can access the information via their computer. Water meters are often located in hard-to-reach places spread out over a larger geographical area, which makes the work even harder.


Expert Help is the Foundation for Smart Decisions

More and more companies are replacing their old water meters with digital solutions. But even if the data is automatically collected, the information is rarely used for anything other than invoicing data. Analyzing data is not the easiest thing, but if done correctly it’s a goldmine that allows you to track down hidden costs and make the right decisions for the future.

“This is where we come in. With our expertise, we can help companies analyze their data and include water consumption information in their maintenance plans, climate and sustainability goals, and their financial plans,” Salman says.

In addition to the direct benefit of Smartvatten’s solution – instant leak detection and streamlining data collection – customers also get help with reducing costs, sustainably managing their water use, properly analyzing their collected data, and making informed decisions about the future. “We help our customers during their entire water journey, from start to finish – and beyond,” Salman concludes.


Specialists in Water Efficiency

Smartvatten is an expert in water efficiency and offers solutions to keep track of water consumption. They work with property owners, property managers, service companies, water utilities, and companies that promote the sustainable consumption of energy. Right now, more than 7,500 companies use their services. Among other things, Smartvatten assists these companies with the remote monitoring of their water consumption, saving water, and creating water efficiency strategies.


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