Improve Your Building’s Efficiency with Smartvatten in 5 steps

Improve Your Building’s Efficiency with Smartvatten in 5 steps

Making sure a building performs at its optimal level is quite a task – one facility managers around the world deal with every day. A comfortable, healthy, and sustainable environment requires flawless operations, timely and thorough maintenance, perfect compliance, and efficiency at every level. When it comes to water efficiency, Smartvatten has got you covered.

Your hands are already more than full with the day-to-day tasks of the property you’re responsible for. Adding a focus on water efficiency might sound like more work but is in fact the opposite: you’ll be able to free up your maintenance team’s valuable time for other important tasks. At Smartvatten, we have created a smart solution that is user-friendly and will help you optimize the management of your building and save water, time, and money. Here’s how.

1. Decrease Manual Work

The use of water in your property comes with a lot of tasks. Meter read-outs, upkeep on taps, toilets, and installations, detecting and fixing leaks. With our smart devices and cloud-based software, you can remotely monitor the property’s water consumption in real-time through our online portal. No need to send someone down in person, and you always have access to the latest and most accurate data.


2. Extend the Service Life of Your System

Mapping your consumption patterns and the state of your overall system allows us to help you further optimize your building’s performance. Adjusting pressure levels and flow rates limits waste and reduces the strain on installations and pipes, while extending their service life. That means the costs of upkeep go down, too, while the comfort and convenience of tenants is maintained.


3. Prevent Damage & Loss of Income

The occurrence of leaks is a serious problem in any building. Apart from detecting and finding leaks, they often mean you’re faced with costly repairs and replacements and even extensive renovations. The costs of fixing water damage can add up quickly. And there’s even the potential loss of income, while part of the property is out of commission.

That’s where our leak detection system comes in. As soon as the Smartvatten device is online, our software starts analyzing your data. Any deviation to the property’s usual consumption? You’ll get an immediate alert, enabling you to quickly respond to leaks and other irregularities. With submeters in place, you can even pinpoint the leak to an individual apartment or unit.


4. Automatically Share Data with Stakeholders

It’s not just you who needs access to your property’s data. Whether it’s the property’s owner, tenants, or the water utility – they all want insight. Our API integrations facilitate the exchange of data. You can automatically transfer the consumption data into your building management system or ESG platform and share your readings with the water utility. Another task you won’t have to worry about any longer.


5. Comply with Current & Future Regulations

Enhancing your property’s water efficiency will also help you comply with existing sustainability regulations and prepare your property for upcoming rules and legislation – preventing unwelcome surprises down the line. And when your building is assessed for ESG certifications, optimal water efficiency scores valuable points.


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