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    Introducing Patrik Tjäder, our new Sales Manager of Sweden

    Introducing Patrik Tjäder, our new Sales Manager of Sweden

    We are thrilled to introduce you to Patrik Tjäder, our new Sales Manager who will be responsible for creating growth in Sweden. 

    Patrik previously worked for Aquademica, a company specializing in leak detection, damage cause investigation, and thermography. He collaborated with real estate, insurance, property management, and utility companies, along with private individuals, to detect water leakages.

    “At my previous role, I had never heard of smart water management services, so it’s exciting that I’ll be able to go to my customers and share Smartvatten’s solution which will help them prevent leaks and save money. I think it will be a wow experience for them!” shares Patrik.

    This makes Patrik the perfect person for the job because he already has a long history of helping property owners who have faced serious problems due to water leakages.

    When we asked Patrik why he wanted to come work for Smartvatten, he explains, “I want to help prevent damages in buildings because I had used to share a vision for 0% leakage, but our work came when there was already a problem. At Smartvatten, we provide a solution for prevention.”

    Focus on the Swedish market

    Smartvatten has been gaining traction in Finland, BENELUX, Germany, France and USA. When it comes to Sweden, it’s now time for the next growth leap. “In Sweden, we are pretty far ahead in environmental thinking, so I think this will be a good market,” says Patrik.

    During the past years, Patrik encountered many situations where Smartvatten could have been implemented.

    “This past summer, I got a call from a customer who said that their annual water bill for the building she managed was over 700 000 SEK. The prior year it was only 300 000 SEK. Their bill more than doubled because of a leakage. What if they had Smartvatten’s smart water management system in place?” ponders Patrik.

    We asked Patrik what he is looking forward to most in this role and he said, “I’m very excited to be in charge of results in Sweden. I know expectations will land on me, but that means I get to have a lot of input. It will be tough, but I see it as a fun challenge. It always feels good to be able to make an impact. I really enjoy talking to customers and building their trust.”

    More about Patrik

    Patrik is a family man who lives with his wife and two children. When he’s not working he enjoys Crossfit and running. He is also a huge fan of football, and his team is AIK of course.

    Patrik describes himself as easygoing and positive. His previous clients have also said that he’s inspiring, which we absolutely agree with!

    Patrik’s 10 year anniversary is coming up and he’s planning a trip to Paris and Champagne with his wife. Also on his bucket list are a number of football matches.

    Currently, Patrik is binge-watching La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) on Netflix. One fun fact people may not know about Patrik is that he has a sneaker fetish. He owns about 50 pairs of sneakers.

    We can’t wait to see those sneakers all over Sweden, helping people reach their sustainability goals.

    For more information:

    Patrik Tjäder
    Sales Manager Sweden
    +46 73 058 0065