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    Introducing Raymond Tieman, our new sales manager in The Netherlands

    Introducing Raymond Tieman, our new sales manager in The Netherlands

    Prior to joining Smartvatten Raymond was active in the hospitality sector, on the SaaS side mostly. Providing hotels with better tools to promote themselves and improve their position in the market, both online and offline. Basically, nothing even remotely connected to water management.

    “I’ve always been attracted to services that prove to be beneficial to the client in any form. What I like about Smartvatten is that I truly believe in their product and service. In my opinion, every Property Owner or Property Manager should want this and make it their priority. Especially during these crazy times (of Covid-19), companies are always looking to spend less. Why not start with real-time monitoring of water consumption, saving water, preventing leaks, and spending far less money on water in the process?”

    We at Smartvatten couldn’t agree more, which makes Raymond the perfect person to help grow our business internationally, starting with the Benelux area, where he’ll be joining Tim (sales), Noah (sales), and Nick (customer success). An expert in the hospitality industry and true addition to the team.

    “During my previous jobs, I’ve heard so many hotels complain about rooms being out of order for weeks because of leaks, causing structural damage. Especially in high-rise buildings, gravity ensures the damage is much more than just a single room. It can extend to several floors and go on for months, before being noticed. In a case of a big sudden leak, Smartvatten is able to alert you even within 8 minutes after it started, saving you from the misery above, literally. That alone is worth the investment.”

    Focus on the Benelux market

    Smartvatten has been steadily growing over the past years, especially in The Netherlands and the Nordics. This means our sales team there can now start expanding their focus to Belgium, Luxembourg (and even France).

    “I’ve been traveling a lot in my life, which resulted in me being able to speak several languages fluently. English and Dutch are on a native level. French is pretty close to that, German and Spanish follow closely. I’m even practicing Finnish right now, just in case we are able to get together again in 2021 at Smartvatten headquarters. I honestly can’t wait to see where Smartvatten will be in 5 years. For now, I’m just really excited to be part of the team that’s responsible for fulfilling their projected growth.”

    More about Raymond

    Raymond has plenty of hobbies, but in general, the theme is “family & friends”. In case you hadn’t noticed; his favorite color is orange. He’s a fan of AFC Ajax and FC Barcelona when it comes to football.

    “It really doesn’t matter what we’re doing or where we are, as long as we can all enjoy and have fun. This has been a challenge lately, but we’re all obviously hanging in there. Hopefully, we’ll be able to start going back to a normal life again soon.

    And orange… YES! Proud Dutchie right here, especially when it comes to sports. As soon as a Dutch person is competing, I’ll be interested to see the results. Currently a huge fan of Max Verstappen of course. I also miss going to the stadium in Amsterdam, especially on Champions League nights!”

    Raymond describes himself as a positive human being, with a high level of integrity. Previous clients refer to him as the person you talk to if you want honest and straight forward advice. He would never try to sell you a product or service you don’t need. Luckily for us, every company needs Smartvatten’s remote monitoring service!

    If Raymond is successful over the coming years, he’d like to purchase a secondary house on the island of Aruba. He’s lived there for 3 years (2009-2012) and it’s always felt like his second home from the start.

    Lately, Raymond has been picking up golf and is hitting some steady shots with a handicap of 24 and improving. If any of you would like to challenge him for a round, he’ll be up for it. Just know that losing means, becoming a Smartvatten client. Winning does also, but that’s because you’ve had a detailed conversation about our service during your round.

    Raymond has already signed his first client, during his first meeting. Now that’s what we call a hole-in-one! We can’t wait to see more of where that came from. Truly happy to have you on board for the years to come!