Join Smartvatten at the 2019 PROVADA real estate exhibition

Join Smartvatten at the 2019 PROVADA real estate exhibition

Are you attending the 15th annual PROVADA exhibition?

As one of the selected winners of the PROVADA FUTURE Startup Battle, Smartvatten will be participating in PROVADA—the biggest real estate exhibition in the Netherlands.

You don’t want to miss out on this unrivaled three-day event with industry-leading speakers, panel discussions, and workshops.

PROVADA’s 2019 theme: Are we fit for the future?

This is the thought-provoking question PROVADA will be asking at the annual meeting point for the real estate industry.

Making a city and society future-proof means making fundamental choices today. How are we anticipating the trends, regulations, and innovations coming our way?

Smartvatten is among the 300 exhibitors that over 25,000 real estate professionals—including consultants, developers, investors, and housing associations—come to learn from. Throughout the three days, you’ll have a chance to share your plans, ideas, and visions with a strong network of experts and discuss this important theme.

Attend the PropTech Innovation Debate

I’ll be speaking on the Proptech Innovation Debate panel alongside leading industry experts. Eime Tobari from AECOM will start off the debate with a power talk about “Improving the liveability of cities through data and modelling.” We’ll discuss:

  • What is property technology?
  • Which companies and technologies have a major impact on the real estate industry
  • How does the average Dutch company rank on the innovation scale?

Join us on Wednesday, June 5 from 1-2pm at PROVADA FUTURE!

Why we need to pay more attention to water management

I’ll be speaking in this debate about how smart water solutions help develop better cities and about Smartvatten’s impact and results for our Dutch customers.

With increasing populations, industrialization, and the harmful effects of climate change, we’re currently facing a global water crisis. By 2030, 40% of the world’s population could face a fresh water scarcity. As the global water demand increases, reserves dwindle. If current usage trends don’t change, the world will only have 60 percent of the water it needs in 15 years, according to a U.N. report.

In order to prevent catastrophe, property owners and corporations need to take water conservation seriously. While the water price is still quite low in the Netherlands, more and more governments are emphasizing the importance of buildings’ sustainability and water efficiency.

Only with real-time data can you understand your property’s water usage and then manage it better. Monthly or quarterly water readings are simply not enough to spot problem areas and make improvements. A smart water monitoring system, however, allows you to monitor your water usage in real time and get alerts for any unusual spikes in consumption.

How property owners can future-proof their business with a smart water monitoring system

Dutch-based companies in the property industry—including Vesteda, Bouwinvest, Hello Energy, and INNAX —are already using Smartvatten’s water monitoring system to improve their sustainability and maximize ROI.

INNAX—an independent partner that provides a building energy management system (BEMS) to property owners, managers, and tenants—enables its customers to decrease their energy and water usage with Smartvatten.

“We hadn’t heard that our customers were worrying about leaks in their buildings,” said Mark Massier, director of energy management at INNAX. “But what we have now learned is that this was because we focus upon energy usage. It was a blind spot.”

Smartvatten and INNAX are both working towards the same goal: to give customers the best sustainable solutions that improve their business and the environment.

Entrepreneurial investor Vesteda also uses Smartvatten to improve their sustainability, get accurate water consumption data, and cut costs.

“Our competitors don’t measure water consumption,” said Vesteda’s sustainability program manager Stephan de Bie. “When they see us going over the border to implement innovative technologies, [Smartvatten] helps us be seen as a leader in sustainability.”

With Smartvatten, Vesteda is now collecting accurate, real-time data, which is an improvement from manual meter readings. And they’ve been able to improve their BREEAM and GRESB scores.

Visit our booth at PROVADA

We can’t wait to meet property owners to discuss sustainability and property technology at PROVADA this June. Come visit us at the Smartvatten booth in Hall 11 at stand #10!

And if you’re unable to attend PROVADA but still want to discuss property technology, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!