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    Water Saving Guide

    Guide for saving water intended for decision makers of housing companies

    Avoid raising property maintenance costs and save up to 20% of the water costs for your housing company, while enjoying the comfort and convenience of water as you did before.

    • In reality, water consumption accounts for the largest share of the property costs for your housing company, and puts pressure on raising property maintenance costs.
    • Excessive water consumption costs your housing company an average of 20% in additional water costs.
    • Housing emissions account for about 40% of the carbon footprint for the average resident in Finland, so prioritising water savings in your housing company is an effective way of reducing the carbon dioxide emissions of many people at the same time.
    • In property costs, water is more expensive than electricity. However, the good news is that housing company water consumption is easy to reduce in every housing company.

    We have compiled a collection of water-saving tips into a single downloadable PDF, thereby enabling your housing company board to make justified decisions in managing water costs and saving water.

    Download our Water Saving Guide intended for housing company decision makers, while avoiding increasing water payments and maintenance fees