Lighten Your Maintenance Load: Cut Costs & Improve Efficiency

Lighten Your Maintenance Load: Cut Costs & Improve Efficiency

The maintenance of your portfolio is a time-consuming task, and an expensive one at that. By making water efficiency a priority, you can lighten that load considerably. With Smartvatten, you can optimize efficiency and cut costs, without compromising on quality and convenience for your tenants, and free up your maintenance team’s valuable time for more important tasks. Let’s see how.

At Smartvatten, we’ve created a user-friendly way to track and analyze your water consumption, and help you take important steps on the road to a sustainable portfolio. Not only do we not want to add to your workload, but we also know that focusing on water efficiency can lighten that load.


Decrease Manual Work

Manually tracking your properties’ water consumption and taking down meter readings requires your team to head out to every individual property in your region – which takes time, effort, and a considerable amount of fuel. Trying to locate leaks or fixing extensive water damage after an unexpected leak can take up even more time.

By remotely and continuously monitoring your water consumption, there’s no need to send out maintenance personnel to all your properties. In Smartvatten’s online portal, you can easily see your current consumption, check the latest meter readings, and see any abnormalities in the system. You’ll get regular reports and immediate automated alerts if anything’s amiss.


Digitalize Processes

Our cloud-based software starts analyzing your data the moment it comes in. That means you always have access to the most up-to-date information right when you need it. Apart from providing insight into your consumption behavior and abnormalities like leaks, our service also enables sharing data with stakeholders and integrations with other systems like your building management system.

We can automatically share your data with your water company, saving you the hassle of updating them on your latest meter readings. And if you use our submeter service to monitor each apartment or unit in your building, we can also provide your tenants with access to their own data and we can even take care of sending out invoices for their water consumption on your behalf.


Optimize Your System

With a thorough water survey, our experts can determine the state of your water system: installations, pipes, showers, taps, and toilets. We’ll be able to figure out what’s working well and what isn’t, and act accordingly. In a lot of properties, the water pressure is set too high, making the system operate under higher pressure than necessary. By adjusting that pressure, the service life of your system and installations is extended, all while the comfort levels of your tenants are maintained.

Flow rates are typically twice as high as they need to be, even in new buildings. By adjusting individual taps and showers with aerators and water-saving showerheads, you can save significant amounts of water and the energy that’s used to heat all that excess water.


Cut Costs

An additional benefit of water efficient properties is the cutting of costs. Decreasing manual work, digitalizing processes, and optimizing your system help you do that, and so does preventing waste through responsible water use and early leak detection. And we haven’t even discussed the benefits to the environment and your ESG goals!

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