Looking Forward with Our Global Team

Looking Forward with Our Global Team

Our international client base is steadily growing. More and more companies are looking to implement their sustainable plans across borders – including water efficiency strategies. And at that scale, you need a different approach. The dedicated global team at Smartvatten is here to help and is continuously working on finetuning its approach to offer you the best possible experience.

Since the foundation of Smartvatten in 2013, our work has increasingly brought us into contact with clients working not just locally, but across European and international borders. Portfolios with properties in different time zones and language territories. That’s why our global team makes it its business to know exactly how to handle a large-scale rollout, keeps a close eye on every development in the international markets, and identifies key accounts with great potential impact on the world’s water efficiency and a strong sustainable vision.


Taking the Next Step

“Now that Joe Hamari – who kickstarted our global approach – stepping down from our team, we are refocusing on our original ambitions and see if we still measure up. How can we take the next step for our global client base? And that’s something we want to keep asking ourselves. With Raymond Tieman taking over the managing reigns of the team, we’re adding fresh views and a sharp eye to the team. So, what does this all mean in practice?”

Expanding API Integrations – We’re working hard to launch more API integrations with major players in ESG reporting platforms and building management systems. At the beginning of this year, our integration with ESG data intelligence platform Deepki went live, and in the coming months, we’ll be adding more valuable partners. This enables us to offer our clients user-friendly access to high-quality data and reporting in the most efficient way.

Enhancing Services – Reporting on the consumption of individual parts of a building is increasingly important to both our clients and governments developing new legislation, like the EU Taxonomy. With our recent acquisition of submetering service provider Verto, the Smartvatten ecosystem is expanding its services to include highly detailed, full-property insight into consumption and an enhanced localized detection system. In the second half of 2022, we’re focusing on identifying the opportunities of these new features and best custom solutions for our global clients.

Putting the Smartvatten Benchmark to Good Use – Last year, we launched the Smartvatten Water Efficiency Index, allowing our clients to compare their ESG performances with those of other clients in the sector. Our global team is working on taking full advantage of that benchmark. By tracking your progress on the Index right from the beginning of your water efficiency journey, we can evaluate along the way and advise you on the best moves to continue your path toward a sustainable portfolio. 

Optimizing Customer Experience – In the midst of adding features and continuously developing our expertise, our priority remains the experience of our customers. To that purpose, we’re working together even more closely across different departments to make sure we can offer the very best experience possible.


For me personally, that means working every day on finding the perfect balance between a detail-oriented focus on the needs of our customers and a broad, international view of the opportunities and challenges on the market – exactly the purpose for which we created the global team. It’s what Smartvatten is all about: continuously asking the right questions and finding the best solutions. I’m looking forward to working toward this goal in the coming months, together with Raymond Tieman, our colleagues, and our global clients.


Tim Twisk

Global Key Account Manager