Main Meter or Submeter Service: The Differences Explained

Main Meter or Submeter Service: The Differences Explained

Monitoring your property’s water consumption with Smartvatten allows you to benefit from detailed insight into your data and a high-quality leak detection system. But what service level is the right choice for you? Does an overview of your whole property suit your needs, or do you prefer to zoom in on individual units? Or do you want it all? Let’s see what each service has to offer.

All of our devices track and record your water consumption data in real-time and are wirelessly linked to our cloud-based software. Their collected data is accessible in our online portal and monthly reports. The system automatically detects abnormalities and sends out leak alerts. So, what are the differences?


Main Meter Service

For the main meter service, our device is installed directly on top of your building’s main water meter. It comes equipped with optical recognition technology that continuously reads out the meter and works with any water meter around the world. Installations are truly Plug and Play – no need to shut off the water supply or changes to your water system, and you’re up and running in about five minutes. And there are no upfront investments. Score automatic points for your ESG certifications and compare your property’s performance to that of your competitors in the field with our water efficiency index.


Submeter Service

Our submeters are ultrasonic flow meters, which determine the velocity of water flowing through a pipe by using ultrasounds. They are installed in apartments or units in your property. Instead of collecting data from the building’s main meter and analyzing it all in one go, submetering allows you to monitor the water use for specific parts of the property. They require a little more expertise to install, but that’s why we can take care of it for you.

The submeter service’s leak detection system helps pinpoint the origin of a leak to an individual unit or apartment. For multi-tenant properties, you can provide accurate consumption-based water bills to your tenants – and if you want, we can even send out invoices for you. Your tenants also have direct access to their own consumption data and leak alerts through household displays and a mobile app, positively impacting the awareness and responsible use of water. If you opt for our additional Customer Care service for tenants, they can contact us directly with any questions about their water supply, bill, or leaks.


Full-Property Service

With our full-property monitoring service, you’ll get the full package. Gain insight into the consumption patterns of the property as a whole as well as per unit, benefit from the most detailed leak detection data in its most actionable form, and score even more points on your ESG certifications. Already own submeters? We can easily connect them to our software.

Want to learn more about our main meter, submeter or full-property monitoring service? We’re here to discuss all the options and the best possible solution for your property. Contact us at!