Plaza Resident Services and Smartvatten Bring Water Efficiency to Urban Living Spaces

Plaza Resident Services and Smartvatten Bring Water Efficiency to Urban Living Spaces

Plaza Resident Services has joined forces with Smartvatten to implement automatic water efficiency services in its real estate solutions for urban living spaces. By choosing to monitor their water consumption with Smartvatten, Plaza Resident Services is taking the next step on the road to fully automating its properties and integrating sustainable water management in each building.

Real estate company Plaza Resident Services, based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, is on a mission to reshape urban living. It connects a wide variety of people to available and affordable living spaces, aiming to create thriving urban communities. And those communities can only thrive in a sustainable world.

Smartvatten, specialist in water efficiency, shares their aim of creating thriving and sustainable communities. Founded in 2013, Smartvatten facilitates the remote monitoring of water consumption in real estate across Europe with smart devices and software. The company shares its full-service water efficiency expertise worldwide, aiming to raise awareness and contribute to the sustainable use of water around the globe.


Rolling Out Water Efficiency Across All Locations

As part of their efforts to fully automate their properties, Plaza Resident Services turned to Smartvatten for its user-friendly online access to meter readings, consumption data, and leak detection system. The company has entered into an agreement to implement Smartvatten’s service at every location – roughly 50 properties – for the next 10 years. This quarter, they are rolling out the water monitoring service at the first locations.

“We’re currently investing in improving our energy labels and finetuning our ESG ambitions, and water is an important part of that,” says Patrick Dillen, Director Property Management at Plaza Resident Services. “Smartvatten appealed to us because of their sustainability, technology, and how well it can be applied in a building.”

“Smartvatten is very excited about the long term, sustainable partnership we have entered into with Plaza Resident Services,” says Max Verbeek, Account Manager Benelux at Smartvatten. “We look forward to helping Plaza Resident Services in the automation of their properties and realizing their sustainability goals.”

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