Scoring Points for BREEAM Version 2016

Scoring Points for BREEAM Version 2016

When it comes to taking sustainable action in the real estate sector, sustainability certifications ensure that your efforts and progress are properly determined, valued and ready for comparison. With BREEAM, your work to achieve your organization’s sustainability ambitions becomes both measurable and visible. And as a Smartvatten customer, you’ll hit the ground running by automatically earning 18 points – 29 when you actively work with our system.*

Short for Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method, BREEAM is a certification method for sustainably built environments. The method was developed by the British Building Research Establishment (BRE) and is internationally recognized, highly valued, and used in more than 80 countries. The In-Use certification provides insight into the current level of sustainability in an existing building, as well as its potential for improvement.

BREEAM sets the bar higher than what’s required by law. That’s not just to work towards a more sustainable future more quickly, it’s to make sure the performance of your buildings is resistant to sudden events and gradual changes – preventing unwelcome surprises further down the line. And the certificate also has a positive effect on your GRESB-certification.

“The real estate sector has to live up to all sorts of rules and legislation,” says Raymond Tieman, Sales Manager Benelux at Smartvatten. “With the BREEAM certificate, you make sure that you’re not only all set for the present, but well on your way to meeting the Paris standards for 2030.”

The Smartvatten service is highly suitable for the BREEAM water performance requirements. The quality of our device and software means Smartvatten customers automatically earn 18 points for their certification and 29 by actively working with our system*, if every installation or floor responsible for more than 10% of the water use has a submeter equipped with another device. “For companies already working with BREEAM, those 29 points might just be the deciding factor for joining Smartvatten,” Tieman says.

For more information about BREEAM points for water performance, see the table below or contact Smartvatten directly to learn more about what this can mean for you.


* Assessment guideline 2016 version 1.0