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Working together to save water

It takes a village to make a successful property business. Especially in large residential properties, several key teams are involved in keeping operations running smoothly.

Due to high water costs, water scarcity around the world, and the growing ecoconscious crowd, water conservation is a top concern for European property owners. Your maintenance team, technical team, and management team all play a crucial role in controlling your company’s water consumption.

The right water management tools can save you millions every year—and give you much-needed peace of mind. In this guide, we’ll outline the challenges faced by property owners, technical managers, and maintenance managers, and demonstrate the ways Smartvatten helps them succeed in their roles.

Find out how monitoring your water consumption with Smartvatten empowers all roles within your property business to overcome their unique challenges.

Property Owners

The challenges

As a property owner, you aim to keep all your properties utterly flawless. You strive for customer happiness at every touch-point before, during, and after a stay. You and your team must stay aware of what’s going on in each unit and anticipate what could possibly go wrong.

Implementing the right tools is key to grow your customer loyalty and revenue, and improve your hotel’s sustainability. Adopting green initiatives is a must to boost your brand image and earn your customers’ trust. Sustainability is becoming the ultimate luxury; more and more ecoconscious travelers will only stay at apartment units or hotels that share their values.

But it’s tough to stay on top of the latest sustainability trends and choose the best tools for your unique property business. When you and your team consider new technology options, you must always ask yourself: What will this bring to my work?

Since controlling costs is a huge challenge, you need to ensure every new tool truly brings value to your company and helps your employees work more efficiently.

With everything that goes into managing a property business, is investing your time and resources in water management really a smart choice?

Some property owners wonder if addressing minor leaks is worth the hassle, especially when managing a vast number of residential units across different locations. Wouldn’t it be more cost-efficient to let it slide?

How Smartvatten helps

Consider the potential devastating consequences of leaks in your properties: If you’re forced to shut down several apartments or rooms because of a leak, that’s an immediate loss in revenue. Even small leaks can cause significant structural damage and increase your utility costs.

Smartvatten’s 24/7 consumption monitoring and automated alerts help you catch leaks before it’s too late. Best of all—the process becomes effortless for you.

With Smartvatten, you’re providing your maintenance and technical teams with innovative technology that empowers them to reach peak performance.

Having real-time water consumption data at your fingertips helps you make smarter business decisions. You’ll be able to forecast how much water you’ll use and measure the success of your water saving initiatives. This makes budgeting a breeze—and takes away unwanted surprises at the end of the year from leaks or high consumption rates.

€2 a day per water meter for Smartvatten is a small price to pay for peace of mind. Because the solution is sold as a service, you won’t have to worry about paying an initial investment.

Technical Managers

The challenges

Technology has had a powerful impact on the hospitality and property industries. As a technical manager, you need to ensure all employees at your company are doing their best work with the most advanced tools available.

Throughout the whole on-property experience, people expect to use technology for nearly everything. You need to stay ahead of customer expectations and investigate new technologies that will improve both CX and your property business.

For example, hoteliers can attract the growing market of eco-conscious travelers by using technologies that will improve your hotel group’s sustainability. And green initiatives don’t stop with guest-facing technologies—many behind-the-scenes tools can also have a huge impact on your property’s efficiency.

Unfortunately, many technology systems in properties go underutilized. Employees might not know a tool exists, they might lack proper training, or they might fail to see its value.

So how do you decide if a new technology solution is worth the investment? Will it just be an unnecessary added cost?

When you’re already using a lot of technology systems in your business, you need to know what exactly a new solution will bring to the table. In addition to investigating new technologies, you need to ensure all your existing solutions work in harmony.

How Smartvatten helps

Smartvatten is not just another tool that will sit unused.

The old adage “you can’t manage what you don’t measure” definitely applies to water consumption. With Smartvatten’s accurate real-time water usage data, you’ll know exactly where your property business stands at all times. You’ll be better able to plan for the future and make necessary improvements.

If you’re in Paris but want to check the water consumption for one of your properties in Barcelona, you can simply log into the cloud-based system and check the data. You’ll know exactly when your properties should have maintenance and plumbing work done, no matter where you happen to be located.

With Smartvatten, you can be confident you’re using leading technology and staying one step ahead of your competitors. Since poor water management and leaks can literally drain your resources and cause your water bill to skyrocket, smart water management is a crucial investment.

Wondering how Smartvatten detects the source of plumbing leaks?

The device itself won’t tell you exactly where the leak is coming from. But the Smartvatten solution is more than just software. Smartvatten’s highly responsive team will consult you on how to spot the leak, and are always available to answer your questions. In collaboration with insurance companies, Smartvatten put together an action plan outlining what to do when when a leak is detected based on whether it’s below or above 10 litres.

What’s more, Smartvatten can work with your existing property management system. No need to worry about compatibility problems—you’ll be able to see your water consumption data straight in your existing software.

Maintenance Managers

The challenges

As a maintenance manager, you need to ensure all properties in your company operate efficiently and safely. You and your team must detect and address operational issues as quickly as possible without compromising the customer experience.

Many property companies follow the 80/20 rule when it comes to maintenance work: 80% of your maintenance team’s activities should be proactive in nature, and only 20% should be for unplanned (reactive) work.

This rule is especially important for water management, as unexpected maintenance work often comes at a much higher price. Fixing a plumbing leak that has caused structural or property damages tends to involve added labour and expensive repairs.

To avoid costly surprises and improve the CX, you need to monitor your kitchen appliances and washing machines, and ensure sinks, showers, and toilets are working well in all bathrooms.

Your maintenance workers can spend hours reading the water meter and checking for plumbing leaks throughout your properties. While this work is incredibly time consuming, it’s necessary.

Or is it? What if there was a better way to monitor your property’s water consumption?

How Smartvatten helps

With 24/7 consumption monitoring, Smartvatten enables your maintenance team to detect leaks immediately. No more manual readings, human errors, or inaccurate reporting.

But does Smartvatten replace your maintenance team?

On the contrary, it helps them get better at their jobs!

Smartvatten frees up your maintenance staff’s time to spend on more valuable tasks. Rather than going to the boiler room to manually check the water meter, they’ll have that data at their fingertips through Smartvatten’s cloud-based application. Accurate real-time reporting also makes it easier to provide updates to upper management.

You’ll catch problems the second they occur: If there’s a leak, your maintenance team will get automatic text messages and can take immediate action. And having access to Smartvatten’s online services allows you to see the impact of your own work right away.

One of the greatest features of Smartvatten is its simplicity. It’s incredibly easy to set up and use, meaning you won’t have to put your maintenance team through extensive training to use the system.

To set up Smartvatten, all you need to do is place a small camera-like device to your main water meter—no extra tools required! Since your team will be hands-on with the process, they’ll appreciate how intuitive the system is.

The smart water management
solution for all

Smartvatten’s remote monitoring solution helps all roles within your property business work towards their common goal to save water—and money. By monitoring and analyzing your property’s water consumption around the clock, Smartvatten helps you reduce your water bill, save natural resources, and improve risk management.

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