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    Remote monitoring

    Avoid costly water damage

    Monitoring water consumption is usually manual: a person to read the meter, pen and paper. Monthly monitoring of water consumption detects only large leaks in the long term.

    The Smartvatten remote monitoring service films your water meter in real time and the data is saved on the server. The service analyses changes in water consumption and, if there are changes in consumption patterns, immediately issues the necessary warnings. Consumption data is saved in the property management systems and agreements can also be made to send monthly water meter readings to the water company.


    Order the remote monitoring service

      Price 2 € / day / main water meter (Excl. VAT)

      • Includes start up, maintenance, connection, and service costs
      • Can be cancelled at any time

      The product is delivered by courier.

      1. Information of the building

      Name of the Building

      Street address

      Zip code / Postal code
      Number of Water meters

      2. Information of the contact person

      First Name

      Benefits of Smartvatten remote monitoring

      Human error and manual labour in meter readings become things of the past

      Easy-to-read reports are provided on how the property uses water

      Supports speedy reaction to any possible leaks

      Significant cost savings and peace of mind for housing company boards and residents alike