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Water saving survey

Book a water saving survey for your buildings

Do you know just how much extra cost can be incurred by your property with excessive water use? Want to hear what savings your housing company can achieve using minor water-saving measures?

When you order the Smartvatten water saving survey, you will get information from experts about just how much hidden potential your housing company has in respect to saving water and money.

We map out water-saving possibilities by examining the servicing and modernisation requirements for water fittings of housing units and the pressure level of supply water for the property. We present the results of the water saving survey to your housing company’s board, thereby allowing you to decide on future measures.

The survey does not obligate your housing company to order our services.
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Why order a free-of-charge water saving survey?

Water use is probably the largest property expense of your housing company, when you include the cost of clean water supply, sewage and water heating. For instance, an excessive water pressure in the domestic water supply network and old fittings can waste hundreds of litres of your housing company’s water, which is completely unnecessary.

Once your housing company is aware of where the large consumption of water lies, it is much easier to fix. By using our water saving service, many housing companies have been able to avoid raising water fees and hidden water damage.

Our water saving service includes modernising your water fittings to save water and we set the pressure of supply water to the correct level. Modern water fittings are pleasant to use and you can enjoy the convenience of water as you did before, but now eliminating wastage.

Housing companies in Finland have used the Smartvatten water saving service to achieve an average saving of 20% in water costs, without compromising comfort and convenience. The Smartvatten water saving service typically pays for itself after 18–30 months.

Smartvatten water saving results

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