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    Smartvatten and INNAX announce partnership to give property owners a complete building data solution 

    Smartvatten and INNAX announce partnership to give property owners a complete building data solution 

    Water management service company Smartvatten is partnering up with INNAX, an independent consulting company offering solutions in the field of energy, environment, technology, and safety. 

    With a mission to help its customers achieve sustainable results for their buildings and the environment, INNAX provides data driven solutions to property owners, managers, and tenants. Customers in today’s real estate market are increasingly interested in saving water in addition to decreasing energy usage. Smartvatten is INNAX’s preferred partner for water management as the service tracks water consumption around the clock and offers automatic leak alerts and accurate real-time reporting.

    In this strategic partnership, Smartvatten and INNAX work towards their shared goal to give customers the best sustainable solutions that improve their business and the environment. INNAX’s main value for customers is improved sustainability in the area of energy, while Smartvatten focuses on smarter water management. With Smartvatten integrated into INNAX’s energy management system, customers can automatically see their water, electricity, and gas data in one central place. This makes it easy for property owners to see where there’s room for improvement and achieve considerable cost savings.

    “The need for integration came from our enterprise-level customers. Our international experience from portfolio wide roll-outs is aligned with the high standards INNAX has been delivering for years in the Dutch market. We are pleased to become the preferred solution for INNAX in water metering. Enterprise-level customers want a total solution, that’s it. Total football was made famous by Holland, so why not total energy and water management? Without water management, it’s like you’re missing the goal-keeper,” says Joe Hamari, VP Sales at Smartvatten.

    While INNAX had previously recommended Smartvatten to its customers, the company is now able to offer customers a complete solution that gives an overview of their buildings’ energy and water consumption in one platform.

    “We help customers reduce energy usage and improve building performance. Tracking water consumption based upon daily or monthly readings has been part of our business for a long time. But now by partnering with Smartvatten, we can offer customers a solution for managing both energy and water consumption—not just on energy but on all other aspects, including water,” says Mark Massier, director of energy management at INNAX.

    INNAX will also train its employees on when to use Smartvatten so they can better explain to customers how the smart water monitoring service works, and how they can benefit.

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    Joe Hamari
    Co-Founder, Vice President of Sales

    Mark Massier

    Smartvatten is a rapidly growing water management service company with a strong focus on water efficiency and sustainability. Smartvatten has +40 full-time employees and operations expanding across Europe and the United States.
    Smartvatten’s remote monitoring service helps property owners already in over 6,500 properties to stop flushing money down the drain and catch plumbing leaks before it’s too late. In 2019, the Smartvatten system caught over 17,000 leaks, and the water data is transferred to over 45 different leading building energy management software platforms.


    Based in the Netherlands, INNAX is an independent consulting company offering solutions in the field of energy, environment, technology, and safety. INNAX helps property owners, managers, and tenants across many sectors decrease their energy usage and realize a comfortable and healthy working and living environment.

    INNAX envisions a world in which buildings do not consume energy, but generate it. Having started as a waste and energy management service provider in 1992, INNAX has grown into a multidisciplinary company with offices in Veenendaal, Tilburg, Heerenveen, and Almere.