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    Smartvatten and MAIN Energie—industry frontrunners in water metering and energy management—announce cooperation to make water and energy data available on the same platform

    Smartvatten and MAIN Energie—industry frontrunners in water metering and energy management—announce cooperation to make water and energy data available on the same platform

    Smartvatten, an industry leader in water metering, is partnering up with MAIN Energie, a B2B energy pioneer, to provide a new solution for easily available, scalable water and energy management data for the end-users of both companies. 

    Previously for MainEnergie it hasn’t been possible to offer full coverage of both water and energy data through the same system for bigger property portfolio owners. With this cooperation, scalable water data and energy management are brought together to offer customers an easy way to manage and follow their water and energy consumption.

    Smartvatten and MAIN Energie have worked together to build an API integration that allows Smartvatten’s water metering data to be available directly through MAIN Energie’s energy management platform for their current and future customers.

    Smartvatten monitors and analyzes a property’s water consumption around the clock and offers automatic leak alerts and accurate real-time reporting. By partnering up with Smartvatten, MAIN Energie is now able to complement their energy management system with a scalable way to gather water data. Through MAIN Energie’s own energy management platform, their users can conveniently see their water data in visual form, and access a more in-depth analysis through the Smartvatten platform for example in leak situations.

    “This API integration and cooperation enables improvements in customer experience for our mutual customers in BENELUX,” explains Joe Hamari, VP Sales at Smartvatten. “This way, property owners can easily access and follow both their energy data and their water consumption data conveniently.”

    With this cooperation, Smartvatten and MAIN Energie are looking to offer their existing and future customers more opportunities for sustainable water and energy management now and in the future. Main Energie’s CCO Dennis Ostendorf; “Thanks to our cooperation with Smartvatten we take the next step by providing our customers digital insight in their use of water next to energy. Therefore customers are settled on their actual use and don’t have to read their meter manually.”



    Smartvatten is a rapidly growing water management service company with a strong focus on water efficiency and sustainability. Smartvatten has +40 full-time employees and operations expanding across Europe and the United States.

    Smartvatten’s remote monitoring service helps property owners already in over 6,500 properties to stop flushing money down the drain and catch plumbing leaks before it’s too late. In 2019, the Smartvatten system caught over 17,000 leaks, and the water data is transferred to over 45 different leading building energy management softwares.



    MAIN Energie

    MAIN Energie, as a part of the European energy supplier Audax Renovables, is a successful energy supplier focused on the business market. MAIN Energie supplies energy and services with added value to the business market in a personal, innovative and sustainable way, with customized services.

    MAIN Energie aims for a large market share in the Dutch business market by making energy consumption transparent based on future and potential customer requirements and needs.