Smartvatten is expanding to Norway – Jens Karlsson appointed new Sales Manager in Oslo

Smartvatten is expanding to Norway – Jens Karlsson appointed new Sales Manager in Oslo

With a drive to increase awareness of water consumption and highlight the possibilities that water optimization can offer, Jens Karlsson will be taking Smartvatten to the Norwegian market.

“I am eager to increase water awareness and show the many possibilities we have of protecting this resource,” he says.


In the beginning of May, Smartvatten will be launching in Norway under the guidance of new Sales Manager Jens Karlsson.

– It will be great to get Smartvatten up and running in Norway. I’m really looking forward to presenting our smart solution, which can truly make a difference for so many and also be a real help for businesses, he says.


Extensive track record in unique customer experiences

Jens spent many years working in the travel industry, initially with a focus on private travel and then business travel as a Key Account Manager. In his most recent position as Senior Sales Advisor in a major bank, he worked with payment solutions for companies. The common thread throughout his entire professional life has been making information easily accessible and finding the best possible solution for a given customer.

– Having the right technology and the right data is the foundation for positive change. I take a data-driven approach in my thinking, and I know how important it is to understand data to be able to make the right decision and make sensible priorities within a company. Being able to use its data in the right way will generate positive results for the company, he says.


High level of demand in Norway for Smartvatten’s service

When Jens heard about Smartvatten, he was impressed by their future-oriented solutions and the brilliance of how such a seemingly simple initiative could yield such great results.

– Smartvatten’s services have a place in every industry, for several different job roles. That by simply installing a meter it would be possible to obtain factual data in real time, which in turn provides a basis for being able to initiate the right measures at the right time, is incredibly smart. The fact that it also generates data that actually translates water consumption and water efficiency into something concrete and engaging is also a positive, he says.

During his time in the travel industry, he already saw a growing focus on climate issues among companies, which were increasingly looking for calculations of their climate impact.

– Water is going to become an extremely important resource in the future, and this is an area that has lagged behind a little compared to electricity and other energy. That is exactly why it is important to be part of Smartvatten’s journey and pave the way for the future, and show how water is a resource that we need to safeguard. I see a great potential for Smartvatten’s services in Norway, and see several industries that need to get control over their water consumption, says Jens.


Having the right focus is key

The challenge Jens believes he will need to tackle with the new service will be to focus in on what is important for each specific customer.

– Since Smartvatten’s service benefits the companies in so many areas- in terms of climate, maintenance, and economy -it is easy to tend to throw all these advantages out there at once. The risk is then that the customer will not at all grasp how we can help them within the specific area they are looking to address. So I have to make sure to focus on the right thing, despite wanting to present everything at once, he says with a laugh.

He looks forward to becoming part of Smartvatten.

– It will be great to get Smartvatten up and running in Norway and be able to get the Norwegian market onboard for our exciting journey. I hope that we can help change behavior in all sectors, so that water becomes as obvious a part of building measurement data as all other parameters, he concludes, adding:

– I feel both grateful and humble for being trusted to be the first Norwegian colleague to the rest of the Smartvatten team. I will do my best to deliver on this trust as best as I can, by working smartly and efficiently so that we will be in a position to have several more colleagues here in Norway within the near future.


A few quick questions to Jens Karlsson


Lives: Sofiemyr outside Oslo, Norway, with his family.

Favorite food: Hamburgers

How to recharge: By going for a few quick snowboard runs in Wyllerløypa, Tryvann, early in the morning before work.

The best thing in life: Authentic, genuine joy. There is nothing else so infectious as joy, whether the joy comes from a dog, a child, or a colleague.

Secret talent: I can juggle.

What you didn’t know about Jens: I like brewing my own beer.