Smartvatten Supports P3 Logistic Parks Properties with Innovative Hardware and Software

Smartvatten Supports P3 Logistic Parks Properties with Innovative Hardware and Software

Smartvatten, a water efficiency specialist, announces that it has partnered with P3 Logistic Parks, a leading owner and developer of logistics properties in Europe. The partnership aims to effectively measure and analyze the water consumption of 31 logistics buildings owned by P3 in Germany using Smartvatten’s innovative hardware and software to develop the ideal water efficiency strategy for each building. The partnership with P3, which began in November, goes hand in hand with Smartvatten’s entry into the German market, where the company is working with four external management companies.



The Ideal Addition to Sustainability Strategies

“There are a number of reasons why Smartvatten’s services are of so much interest to German customers,” says Tim Twisk, Global Key Account Manager at Smartvatten in the Netherlands. “Given the high water prices in Germany, the ROI of our services is achieved quickly. Additionally, a lot of emphasis is placed on sensible sustainability strategies, for which our solution is an ideal complement. The large number of water utilities in Germany also makes it very difficult to obtain data on water consumption in a scalable manner. We are very happy that P3 sees it the same way and that we were thus able to start our partnership in Germany.”


Real-time Measurements and Analyses Provide Valuable Insights into Water Consumption

As a service company specializing in water management, Smartvatten is committed to saving hundreds of millions of liters of water per year and making clean water a reality for all. The real estate industry accounts for a large share of global water consumption and therefore has a significant potential impact on water conservation. With Smartvatten’s user-friendly hardware and software, a building’s water consumption can be measured and analyzed in real time. This not only minimizes the risk of leakage, but also provides customers with important insights into their water consumption and systems. In this way, Smartvatten supports the real estate industry in implementing sustainable solutions that not only reduce costs but also protect the environment. For the company, which has branches in Finland, Sweden, the Benelux countries and the USA, the partnership with P3 Logistic Parks represents the first project with a large regional distribution in Germany.


20 Years of Experience in the Development of Sustainable Logistics Properties

P3 Logistic Parks develops sustainable logistics real estate according to the highest international building standards for clients throughout Europe. Founded in Prague in 2001, the company is now one of the five largest European logistics real estate companies. At the beginning of 2021, P3 received the special award “Strongest Brand Growth in Europe” from the European Real Estate Brand Institute and was also named the strongest brand in the logistics developer sector in Southern Europe for the third time in a row. Since 2009, the company has been represented in Germany with its own branch office in Frankfurt. P3 itself owns 280 buildings in 12 countries, 65 of which are in Germany. The growth of the company, whose strengths include the revitalization of brownfield sites, is linked to measurable sustainability measures. The partnership with Smartvatten for 31 of its logistics properties in Germany helps to achieve P3’s ambitious sustainability goals in an effective way.

“As a developer of logistics real estate, we see it as our duty to manage our planet and its resources with care,” says Sönke Kewitz, Managing Director of P3 Logistic Parks Germany. “That is why we attach particular importance to the sustainable management of our buildings. We look forward to working with Smartvatten, which will enable us to efficiently reduce the consumption of resources in our German portfolio.”