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    Smartvatten won the highly valued Rabobank Innovation Challenge contest in The Netherlands

    Smartvatten won the highly valued Rabobank Innovation Challenge contest in The Netherlands

    Smartvatten has won an award for sustainable innovation in the construction sector at Rabobank Innovation Challenge in The Netherlands. The win in this highly valued contest was achieved with the remote monitoring of water consumption in the Smart & Healthy category. The judges were impressed by the convenience and immense benefits of the service.


    The judges were impressed by the immense and fast effects of the remote monitoring service

    Rabobank Innovation Challenge is a recognized contest of sustainable construction in The Netherlands that brings together companies that offer solutions to advance the energy transition, circular construction and smart & healty buildings. Rabobank is a Dutch multinational banking and financial service company, which is known for advancing sustainable development across all of its actions. The Rabobank Innovation Challenge is part of the annual conference called Building Holland.

    Smartvatten won the price in the Smart & Healthy category. The judges emphasised innovations that fulfilled the following criteria:

    • Impact
    • Scalability
    • Innovative rate
    • Customer value

    Remote monitoring of water convinced the judges because it fulfilled all of the criteria they were searching for in a sustainable business care innovation.

    “Remote monitoring of water consumption is simply genius. It is an easy-to-use low-tech solution whose effects are huge, it helps save clean water and it can prevent costly leaks as well as the damage caused by them,” Anke Verhagen, the Sustainability and Circular Economy Specialist at Rabobank Real Estate Finance, says.

    Rabobank’s representative also highlights the business benefits of Smartvatten’s solution as they are clear.

    “The solution has been developed genuinely from the viewpoint of the business, for it shows the savings and benefits right at the beginning. We are exploring how we can use it in our own buildings as well,” Verhagen adds.

    The representatives of Smartvatten are excited to accept the victory of the innovation contest in the Netherlands where the company has grown significantly over the past months.

    “It is great to receive recognition such as this from Rabobank whose values are strongly influenced by responsibility. We also had a great opportunity to tell a large audience about why saving water is important not only for real estate operators but also for the globe,” tells Tim Twisk, Global Key Account Manager, who presented the idea of remote monitoring in The Netherlands.


    There is a growing interest in new solutions to water-saving in Europe

    Smartvatten’s remote monitoring received praise for its societal potential at the innovation contest, for right now it is crucial to discover solutions that help the energy efficiency and water usage of large real estate complexes.

    The importance of water-saving will grow in real estate’s energy policy in the future. In the last years, Europeans have been challenged by water shortages due to the dry summers, and the rising prices of water encourage people to consume it in a sustainable way.

    “The first step to saving water is to know what water consumption consists of,” Twisk stresses.

    “Many real estate operators do not keep up with their water consumption effectively. If the maintenance checks up the water meter with a pen and a piece of paper once a month or less, it is really difficult to notice the peak demand or continuous and costly water leakages. Our remote monitor collects water consumption data with a water meter continuously, with the help of which the expensive leaks can be prevented.”

    Resource-smart use of water will be an indelible part of the future of the real estate sector, meaning that the time to make sustainable investments is now, as Rabobank stresses.

    “Water-saving should have a bigger role in the field of sustainable real estate investing. The amount of energy that buildings use is enormous, and the carbon dioxide emissions of water consumption are bigger than they were thought to be. In the future, the companies that take sustainable investment into consideration are the ones that will succeed the best. Consumers, customers and stakeholders will demand even more accountability from real estate investors,” Verhagen tells.

    Last year, Smartvatten started to provide CO2 emission reporting of water to its customers. To meet the Paris Climate Agreement goals, the built environment’s energy intensity must improve by 30 % by 2030.


    The win in the innovation contest strengthens Smartvatten’s international growth

    Smartvatten’s win in the international innovation contest was a remarkable acknowledgment. The Finland-based technology company’s growth is strongly international, and the need for water-saving solutions is constantly growing in the market area across the whole of Europe. Thanks to the scalable nature of Smartvatten solution, it is easy to implement in portfolios ranging throughout the world.

    The first place at the contest is an achievement worth celebrating at Smartvatten’s office in Finland, as the victory rewards the many years of hard work put into becoming international.

    ”The success in the contest gives us more motivation to help real estate in water-saving whenever we are needed. The demand for our services has grown especially in Nordics and the Benelux countries, which is why we are seeking new members for our established Sales teams in these countries, says Joe Hamari, Smarvatten’s CSO.