Smartvatten’s API Integrations Make Data Transfers Effortless

Smartvatten’s API Integrations Make Data Transfers Effortless

Through the remote monitoring and analysis of your water consumption data, we help you turn your properties into water efficient assets. We make the most of your water data, to offer you detailed insight and information for reporting and improvement. But water is just one component of a whole ecosystem in your property. Bringing together data from every part of that ecosystem is essential to getting thorough insight into your properties – and that’s what our API integrations are for.

API integrations allow different systems to communicate with each other – it functions both as an entrance and an exit for information, in real-time. Where this kind of information used to take a lot of work for IT departments, API integrations have made it easy. We use these integrations to facilitate the exchange of data, and to help save you the time and effort of manually downloading your information and importing it into different systems. It’s another way for us to make monitoring and reporting on your water consumption as user-friendly as possible and contribute to your journey toward a sustainable portfolio.


Sharing Information

With our simple API integrations, you can first of all automatically transfer your water consumption data into your own system, like an ESG platform or building management system. And it’s not just your water data, it’s the information on your CO2 emissions that come with using that water, too. But the data Smartvatten generates can be useful for more than one purpose, and that’s why we’ve made it as easy as possible to share that information with third parties of your choosing.

Because in real estate, it’s not just you who needs access to your property’s data. Property owners, tenants, water utilities, or ESG certification organizations all want insight into your information. Our portal allows you to share simple access with interested parties, and our API integrations facilitate data transfers between systems and organizations. You can choose to automatically share your water consumption data with your ESG platform and share your readings with the local water utility, for example, saving you time and effort.


Integrating Your System

During any onboarding phase with new customers, we determine whether our system already has an integration with the systems you’re working with, or whether we need to set up a new integration. So far, we have already partnered with hundreds of API partners, like MAIN Energie, Deepki and Healthy Workers.

If we already have the integration – and that’s pretty likely – setting it up for your company will be very simple. A new integration will be relatively simple, too. We contact the company behind the system and make sure the integration is up and running as soon as possible. In any case, our Customer Success Team makes all the arrangements and ensures the integrations run smoothly, requiring no effort or extra work from you. And we’re continuously working hard to launch more API integrations with major players in ESG reporting platforms and building management systems, making the connection even easier for our new clients.

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