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Join Smartvatten at the 2019 PROVADA real estate exhibition

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Water management made easy: Why all roles within your property business will love Smartvatten

Many European property owners are implementing water saving initiatives to cut costs and take a stance for the environment.

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6 sustainability challenges for property owners and how to overcome them

It’s not easy being green.

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How to make your property eco-friendly in 5 easy steps

Property owners across the globe are making changes both big and small in the name of sustainability. Besides protecting the environment, making your property eco-friendly reduces your operational costs and boosts your brand reputation—all while improving customer satisfaction.

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Top 10 environmental property management practices

As residential properties consume massive amounts of energy and produce tons of waste, they have a major impact on the ecosystem. To mirror customer concerns about environmental issues, reduce pollution, and cut costs, more and more European property owners are adopting sustainable strategies.

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5 low-cost sustainable hospitality trends you should adopt immediately

Environmental sustainability in the hospitality industry has evolved far beyond traditional towel and linen programs. Sure, initiatives like these are still needed but as most European property owners already know, it’s time to start thinking bigger.

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Is Smartvatten the right water management solution for my property business?

As a property owner, you’re probably under constant pressure to cut operational costs, decrease the environmental impact of your business, and deliver better customer experiences. While succeeding in these objectives at once is by no means an easy feat, you can take comfort in knowing that there are tools designed to help you achieve not just one […]

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Price 2 € / day / main water meter (Excl. VAT)

  • Includes start up, maintenance, connection, and service costs
  • Can be cancelled at any time

The product is delivered by courier.

1. Information of the building

Name of the Building

Street address

Zip code / Postal code
Number of Water meters

2. Information of the contact person

First Name

I accept the general terms and conditions of the Smartvatten remote monitoring service