Smartvatten: A winning solution for Italian restaurant owner Michael Cortelletti


Michael Cortelletti owns and operates CO.TI. Restaurants—some of the best restaurants in the heart of Verona, including the Impero restaurants, La Costa in Bra, and the Olivo Restaurant and Pizzeria. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Cortelletti is also a business angel, an industry advisory board member and visiting lecturer at MODUL University, and a member of the Cornell Hotel Society (CHS).

Cortelletti started using Smartvatten in July 2018 after discovering it at the CHS EMEA Regional Meeting in Slovenia. The event focused on the impact of technology in the hospitality industry, addressing topics like smartphones, apps, blockchain, and chatbots.

In a session about industry-leading startups, Smartvatten came into discussion. The system was then offered at an auction to raise money for various scholarships benefiting current and future students from the EMEA Region.

“In a restaurant setting, the potential for leaks is tremendously high.”

Since avoiding costly water damage was a big concern for Cortelletti, he was curious about Smartvatten.

“In a restaurant setting, the potential for leaks is tremendously high. You can have many different sources of leaks—in the water plumbing, in the AC, and in cooling systems.”

Cortelletti made a bid on the system, and won. He now uses Smartvatten in two of his five restaurants and plans on setting it up in the others.


Discovered at the right time

Prior to using Smartvatten, Cortelletti knew his water consumption was too high, but he had no way to monitor it or pinpoint the problem areas. While he had previously used an air-based cooling system for his restaurants, he had to switch to a water-based system due to the high noise impact and downtown location.

“Having something that constantly measures your consumption is extremely helpful.”

“When we changed to a water-based system, our water consumption was a lot higher than we expected. We suspected we had a leakage.”

Considering the high cost of water in Italy, Cortelletti couldn’t waste any time getting to the root of the problem.

“With Smartvatten, our suspicion was confirmed. We were able to really track it down.”

Cortelletti’s maintenance team identified a fridge with a faulty valve. After substituting the valve, they were back to consuming normal amounts of water.

“Having something that constantly measures your consumption is extremely helpful. You don’t have to have someone standing outside, looking at the water meter and wondering. You just look at your computer.”


Simplicity at its finest

What struck Cortelletti the most about Smartvatten was the simplicity of the technology and the ease of installation.

“Smartvatten was very easy to install. It’s easy to understand; my maintenance people easily figured it out.”

Cortelletti believes properties in any industry can benefit from such a simple yet effective water monitoring system.

“There’s no reason Smartvatten shouldn’t be present on every water meter on the planet.”

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