The Impact of Drought: Water Scarcity on the Rise

The Impact of Drought: Water Scarcity on the Rise

Water scarcity is reaching extreme levels as Europe has been experiencing the worst drought in 500 years, according to reports from the European Commission. That means we haven’t lived through a similar situation before in modern times. Combined with skyrocketing energy prices, working on more responsible ways to use our valuable and limited resources is becoming even more important. 

Extreme weather events like floods or droughts are ever increasing around the world. And that means water resources are dwindling. This past summer, “the combination of a severe drought and heatwaves has created an unprecedented stress on water levels in the entire EU,” according to European Innovation Commissioner Mariya Gabriel.

Rivers across the continent are experiencing extremely low levels, with vessels becoming stuck along the Rhine river and the Danube flowing at less than half of its usual summer volume. Nuclear plants in several places have had to shut down their operations, because they could no longer use river water to cool their installations.


What We Can Do Against Water Scarcity

These are only a few examples of what water scarcity means in practice. What’s clear is that it’s something that affects all of us, whether it’s in access to clean drinking water, cooling our environments, or food reaching our towns through our waterways. That means we need to work together to combat water scarcity and its causes. We can start at home, by turning off the tap, collecting and reusing water, and installing water-saving measures.

But as much as we can do individually, the true impact is made by governments and large companies. By taking responsibility as real estate organizations, we can help ease the stress on individuals around the world amidst inflation and rising energy prices, and lead our governments by example. When we are managing our water consumption in a responsible way, we can significantly contribute to combating the water scarcity problem and a future where clean water is accessible to everyone.


Finding New Ways to Save Water

At Smartvatten, we continuously work to find even more accessible and user-friendly ways to become water efficient and prevent the unnecessary waste of valuable clean water. We help our clients in the real estate sector with insight into their use, advice on reducing their consumption, and leak detection.

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