The Smartvatten Pilot

The Smartvatten Pilot

Wondering whether to take the plunge with Smartvatten? We recommend our new clients start with a pilot. Don’t just take our word for it, see what our service can do for you. That way, getting started is both an easy decision to make and can function as the perfect proof of concept for your company and its stakeholders. Let’s see how it works.

Depending on the size of your portfolio, we will start monitoring 5 assets at the minimum. That’s exactly the right amount for a representative pilot – allowing us to show you what our service entails and how your portfolio can benefit.

Once we’ve chosen the number of assets, it’s time to choose which ones. To make sure the pilot really gives you the full picture, we want to include a sample that’s as diverse as possible. That means we recommend the assets should be:

  • Spread out geographically as much as possible. That’s because the more different utility companies we work with, the more opportunities we have to explain our service and make our collaboration as seamless as possible for our clients and teams in every location. For your property managers or maintenance team, it will mean an easier workload right from the start: a lot fewer cross-country trips just to record meter readings.
  • The biggest consumers of water in your portfolio. The more water an asset uses, the higher the risk of significant leaks – and the higher the savings potential. Including these properties will help turn your Smartvatten pilot into a stand-alone business case.
  • Buildings with a history of leaks or excessive use ­– and the much higher costs that come with both. Our pilot can measure and analyze their use and waste, and help figure out opportunities for improvement. It may sound counterintuitive, but older buildings don’t necessarily face more leaks. No need to worry about the year of construction when making your choice.
  • Assets with sustainable certifications, such as BREEAM or GRESB. If your portfolio includes buildings that have these certifications, we recommend including them in. That way, we can already provide additional certification points during the pilot.

Interested? Contact us at to discuss your Smartvatten pilot.