The Value of Data: Putting Your Water Data to Good Use

The Value of Data: Putting Your Water Data to Good Use

By continuously monitoring and analyzing your water consumption, you gain access to a wealth of information. Our service tracks what’s happening in all of your properties in real-time and allows you detailed insight into the daily goings on of water usage. But once you have all that data, what exactly can you do with it?


Tracking your water data used to mean annually writing down your water meter readings. The water utility would predict your consumption on a yearly basis, and you’d have a very rough idea about how much you were using – but no insight into daily or even monthly behavior, and no way to understand and adjust that behavior on a more detailed basis. Smartvatten’s smart and easily scalable solution makes sure that you do have that insight: in real-time, by the hour or minute, so you can really see and understand the specifics of water consumption behavior. And once we have that data, there’s even more you can do with it.


Optimized Operations

When it comes to operating your properties, continuous monitoring means you can turn around the way you work. When it comes to leaks, for example, usually you or your property managers have to wait for tenants to sound the alarm in case anything happens in the property. With real-time data monitoring, you’ll be alerted of even the smallest leak or anomaly through our system instead – usually well before anyone at the location would have noticed. Your facility or property manager will be notified that something’s up and solve the problem before it leads to serious damage.


“Instead of always having to react, you can be proactive instead and benefit from predictive maintenance,” says Tim Twisk, Global Key Account Manager at Smartvatten. The collected data creates an understanding of what constitutes normal behavior, and that means that any patterns that deviates from that behavior can alert us to potential problems. Whether it’s a big leak, the slow drip of a faulty tap, or an installation somewhere in the property that uses an inexplicable amount of water, you’ll know about it and can make sure to fix it.


Enhanced Reporting & Achieving Strategic Goals

“For our global clients, reporting is extremely important. Whether it’s for annual reviews or ESG reports, the more detailed you want to be about your current performance and future goals, the more specific your data needs to be,” says Twisk. “Our service caters to that need for detailed data, that’s uniform for every type of property in any region or country.”


And it’s not just reporting on your current status and intended goals for the future that our service helps you with. It can also help to achieve the strategic goals you set. From day one, our leak detection system helps you save water by minimizing waste through finding leaks and points of unnecessary waste. Once we’ve collected enough information for a thorough understanding of your entire property’s behavior patterns, we can also help you conserve water by looking at and analyzing those patterns – and finding out where water saving measures are useful and have the biggest impact.


Compare & Contrast

To further understand your performance, we enable you to compare and contrast all that collected data. With our Smartvatten Water Efficiency Index, you can easily benchmark your properties’ performance within your portfolio and compare them with those of your colleagues in the field. “Is your property really as inefficient as you think, for example, or does it make sense in its field?” says Twisk “Is your portfolio as efficient as possible or could you do more and surpass those colleagues’ portfolio’s performance? You can really take another step on the way to becoming water efficient and more sustainable by asking these questions and seeing what measures you can take to resolve them.”


Finally, there’s added value in knowing your water data as part of the total data package available for your property. That’s why we offer simple API integrations with an ever-growing number of other systems, like your building management system or energy management platform. What’s the exact relation between heating water and your carbon emissions? What is the effect of changing occupancy rates on water usage? How much effect does the outside temperature have on water consumption in your office buildings as compared to the health center you just added? Smartvatten makes sure our software easily integrates with any system so you can put your valuable data to the best use possible and gain complete insight into your property’s performance.


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