HS-Vesi has already detected two sewer blockages with Neuroflux

HS-Vesi has already detected two sewer blockages with Neuroflux
  • Two blockages found remarkably fast with Neuroflux
  • Neuroflux is part of everyday operations
  • Neuroflux helps planning the maintenance

HS-Vesi as a company

Hämeenlinnan Seudun Vesi Oy, commonly known as HS-Vesi, is a water utility owned by the cities of Hämeenlinna, Hattula and Akaa. HS-Vesi provides water services to 70.000 people in its region of operations. The company takes care of the raw water acquisition, water treatment and distribution, wastewater collection and treatment. Managing HS-Vesi’s lengthy – over 1000 km long – wastewater network is challenging.

The Challenge

HS-Vesi has had a couple of sewer overflow incidents in the past couple of years and wanted to focus on early blockage detection. In addition, they wanted to improve the sewer rehabilitation scheduling by locating areas with high amounts of excess water. The goal was to reduce harmful overflows by focusing the sewer network’s rehabilitation on problematic areas.

Previously, HS-Vesi had only static alarms from the pump’s run times, but they were insufficient in detecting blockages. Blockages were usually detected by customers after an overflow event.

The Solution

During the deployment of Neuroflux, the data quality of existing systems was examined. After the initial setup, data quality improvement work was done. With the better data quality thanks to Neuroflux, HS-Vesi has been able to detect blockages and problems in the network more accurately. Problems can now be identified within hours after they have started.

Neuroflux is really nice to use. When we’ve noticed any problems during our daily use, Neuroflux has reacted to them immediately, by fixing them. Enni, HS-Vesi

After the deployment, which was described as painless, HS-Vesi has started to use Neuroflux in their daily operations and also in their long-term rehabilitation scheduling. In addition to finding problems in the wastewater network, HS-Vesi can now visualize and analyze the status of the network easily with any device that has a web browser. For example, heavy discharges caused by melt water that occur every spring can now be pinpointed faster and easier than ever before.

We have all kinds of systems, and in some cases, we got tired of the system already during difficult deployment processes, even before we started using it. With Neuroflux, we had a really easy and painless deployment. Enni, HS-Vesi


With Neuroflux, HS-Vesi has detected three blockages during the first half of this year. And because of Neuroflux, two of these blockages were detected remarkably fast and they were eliminated before any overflow could occur. One of these blockages could have caused a long lasting overflow event, possibly months, because of its difficult location. Thanks to automated alarms and a fast response, this was avoided.

In the future, HS-Vesi will use Neuroflux more actively to also find areas with high amounts of excess water and in the scheduling of wastewater network rehabilitation.

Neuroflux is really great for guiding our maintenance and inspection efforts. Jarno, HS-Ves