IWA World Water Congress: Smart Climate Solutions

After being postponed for two years, the International Water Association’s World Water Congress finally returned this September and brought together thousands of water professionals in Copenhagen, Denmark. Smartvatten for Water Utilities was there to meet up with clients and focus on smart solutions that reflect their needs.

IWA’s World Water Congress brings together water professionals from all over the world – also aiming to engage water-consuming companies from all sectors – and provides a global forum on sustainable water management during five days of critical discussion.

As part of the stands organized for water utilities and companies providing services to them by the Finnish Water Forum, Smartvatten had plenty of opportunity for face-to-face meetings with existing clients and potential new customers and partners.

“With most of our meetings being held remotely for a long time, it was great finally seeing the faces behind what are usually Teams icons,” Sales Director Tuomas Koskinen says. “We value our close relationships with the utilities, and really focus on the issues they are facing in their daily work so we can help solve those issues.” Client Relation Manager Petter Kohonen wholeheartedly agreed: “Great to meet contacts and clients for the first time in person and discussing the potential in leveraging the data from the wastewater network”

Creating Climate Smart Solutions

“The conference emphasizes the fast development towards digitalization and how various players in the market are contributing to make the water network come ‘alive’,” says Karl Jepsson, Head of Business Development at Smartvatten, “with everything from connected sensors feeding data to advanced software for analysis and insight.” The market is maturing, and both the scalability and user friendliness of these solutions are increasing thanks to the use of open standards and API integrations, enabling different technologies to work together and augment each other to solve customer problems.

The theme ‘Water for Smart Livable Cities’ and the launch of the first Climate Smart Utilities Programme highlighted smart and sustainable solutions. The Climate Smart Utilities Programme ‘seeks to inspire water, wastewater, and urban drainage utilities to be increasingly Climate Smart‘ – a goal that’s very important to Smartvatten. “That’s why our solution is smart, user-friendly, and requires no upfront investments or impactful infrastructure,” Koskinen says. “We’re geared toward reducing utilities’ environmental impact in the smartest way possible.”

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