Making a Positive Environmental Impact With Smartvatten for Water Utilities

Making a Positive Environmental Impact With Smartvatten for Water Utilities

Continuously monitoring and analyzing your wastewater network with Smartvatten for Water Utilities is a great way to lighten your workload and let your specialists focus on finding solutions to daily and ongoing challenges. But it’s more than that. Using our application helps you become more water efficient and directly benefits the environment. Here’s how working with us can reduce your environmental impact.

One of the biggest challenges for wastewater networks around the world is an aging network that can no longer serve its purpose. Outdated infrastructure can lead to sewer breaks, which in turn can lead to blockages, backlog to the property, or even flooding. Cracks or incorrect joints enable both the exfiltration of wastewater and the infiltration of groundwater. Socio-economic changes, like the development of urban agglomerations and the increase in land sealing, lead to a higher runoff of rainwater and diffuse pollution emissions into the combined sewer network. In case of a heavy rain event, this results in hydraulic overloading of the systems – and, in the worst case, higher pollution of the waters in the area.

These types of events can be prevented or at least mitigated by maintaining an optimal state of the networks. But this requires a better understanding of the processes occurring under certain circumstances in the system. With our real-time alerts, you are able to perform preventative maintenance work, allowing you to ensure that your sewage network as a whole is properly functioning. This way, both the environment and its residents are protected.

Planning for the Future

Our application is not just suitable for acute cases. You will also gain a better understanding of how weather events affect your network and will be able to identify long-term trends. This will enable you to plan and focus your resources on the places that need it most. Understanding these interrelationships will help you successfully manage the systems more precisely and planning measures that minimize negative environmental influences. The personalized dashboard (Figure 1) also offers you the opportunity to review the energy balance of your facilities and to use this knowledge when making investment decisions and working towards energy-saving, sustainable plant operations.

Figure 1: Dashboard – Energy balance of the pumping station compared to flow rates

A Sound Solution

It’s not just our service’s results that benefit the environment, it’s the solution itself, too. Our service was built to be an environmentally sound solution. Working as a cloud-based service, we’ve consciously avoided the need for purchasing new hardware. That means you don’t waste resources, you reduce your investment costs, and this new acquisition will have no negative impact on your current energy consumption. Integrating our application and subsequent automatic software updates are all done remotely from our office. Travelling to each individual customer for the software installation and maintenance work is no longer necessary, saving both emissions and time. Time that our specialists can now spend on further developing our application and addressing any technical concerns.

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