Easy & Efficient Water Management Through Digitalization

Easy & Efficient Water Management Through Digitalization

Digitalization is taking over industry after industry – including water management. At first, it might seem that digitalization happens for the sake of digitalization. But the real gains are in having fewer routine tasks to complete and knowing more about the network. Neuroflux helps water utilities take advantage of their existing data. This process can be considered digitalization or, in other words, just the simplification of daily routines.

At Neuroflux, we approach digitalization through three themes: asset management, information management, and digital tools. Let’s take a closer look.

Asset Management

Sewer networks in the Nordics are aging fast. Expensive repairs have been delayed by decades, and with the number of pipe and machine failures growing, significant investments are needed soon. At the same time, the pipes go on for hundreds of kilometers, and manually monitoring their condition is impossible – even in smaller counties.

While there are challenges, water utilities are quite aware of their assets. Location coordinates and condition information for each area are stored in different management systems. In terms of asset management, the digitalization of water utilities has already made significant progress.

The Neuroflux tool provides added value to water utilities’ digital asset management. Before clients adopt the Neuroflux tool, any necessary groundwork is conducted together, including gathering and confirming information on the pumping stations’ coordinates and how they are connected to each other. The software presents the information in a way that is easy to use and interpret.

Data Management

Water utilities have collected different measurements from the wastewater network for a long time, and there are automation systems that send information from pumping stations to the control center, where the data is used to monitor the network and schedule maintenance.

The size of sewer networks, as well as the enormous amount of data, makes manual monitoring very burdensome. Many previously adopted systems are complicated to use and traditionally it has not been possible to link data from one system to another. Often only a few people at the water utility are able to interpret the data, and their time and resources are limited.

Neuroflux’s data analytics combines the water utility’s own information with external data sources and makes the information available to all necessary people in the organization. The software is easy to use and interpret by anyone. When Neuroflux is adopted for the water utilities’ data management, already existing data becomes more visible and better utilized, and information more accessible. All that silent knowledge is suddenly much less silent.

Digital Tools

To make the large amount of data useful, it must be put to use. By taking advantage of the water utilities’ real-time measurements, historical data, and external sources – such as weather radars and energy consumption information – Neuroflux’s intelligent data analysis helps build machine learning models that can automatically detect anomalies in the sewers and show the users where they might need to focus their repairs now or in the future.

Digital tools like Neuroflux help water utilities lighten their workload and increase their efficiency. The software generates alerts for acute problems in the network, such as blockages, infiltration, and inflow, while also helping to map out future needs by revealing possible machine failures or limited capacity.

Neuroflux can complete complicated data analyses faster than is manually possible. By erasing repetitive routine tasks such as monitoring and analyzing measurements, Neuroflux helps water utilities automate manual work and makes data-rich leadership possible. With the help of the software, water utilities can efficiently allocate their resources for preventative maintenance where they’re needed most.

Neuroflux’s Steps to Digitalization

The next step of digitalization is possible when the water utilities’ data in different system becomes efficiently utilized. Most utilities already have comprehensive management systems for different sets of data, but the systems are rarely able to communicate with each other. The Neuroflux analytics software uses the data from these existing automation and network systems and then combines it with other measurements for a more detailed analysis.

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