We make managing your
wastewater network easy

The management and analysis of wastewater
networks has traditionally been complicated
and time consuming. Not anymore.

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Rich Features

Intelligent Data Analysis to Support Your Decisions

Forget about looking for problems, focus on solving them instead. See the status of your wastewater network at a glance using the map view. AI-generated models based on historic data help you interpret real-time measurements. We combine the data from utilities’ control systems and GIS platforms with other data sources such as weather radars, providing deeper insight and helping you make better informed decisions about maintenance and investments. The automatic detection of anomalies such as infiltration, inflow, and sewer blockages helps manage risks. There are no additional equipment installations required in the network – we collect the data from your existing hardware.


  • View the wastewater network in a map.
  • Check the network’s status a glance.
  • Analyze any time period with ease.
  • Spot changes in the network quickly with color codes.

AI-generated Alerts

  • Know about blockages at an early stage.
  • View each pumping station’s measurements
    during different times.
  • Anomalies are identified by comparing AI-
    generated models to real-time measurements.
  • Intelligent analysis combines data from
    multiple sources, like weather radars.

Statistics & Data Analysis

  • The network’s trends in one view.
  • Identify anomalies and focus on energy
  • If one data sources fails, others keep you up to

Data Viewer

  • Combine data sources in an innovative way. The
    effect of changes in the sea level on your network,
    for example.
  • Network measurements in one view together or
    separately: select the data you want to see.

Seamless installation


Easy to install

Implementation is very simple: just connect your data to our system. We’ll take care of the rest – from configuration to analysis and alerts.


Smartvatten for Water Utilities works with systems of all vendors. Get in touch for more details.

Utilizes existing data

We use existing data from your network, so there is no need for new hardware or sensor installations.

Works on every device

Our service doesn’t require any new software to be installed on your computers. You can monitor the network and alerts on any device – whether you’re at the office or on the road.


Detect anomalies and react before problems arise

We detect growing blockages and abnormal flow rates. You’ll receive automatic alerts about anomalies, giving you more time to respond and prevent bigger problems down the road.


View overall status at a glance

You can clearly see the overall status and active problems of the network, such as water leakage. Based on these, it’s easy to focus your network renovations on locations that will offer the best results. You can also see the effect of past renovations on the network.


The environment will thank you

With Smartvatten for Water Utilities, you’ll be able to save money and the environment, by putting available resources to more efficient use. Your experts can focus on studying the analyses, instead of creating them from scratch.