Solving Challenges for Wastewater Networks With Smartvatten for Water Utilities

Solving Challenges for Wastewater Networks With Smartvatten for Water Utilities

Our access to clean water and good sanitation systems relies upon the quality and efficiency of our water networks. Every day, water utilities around the world maintain countless pipes, pumping stations, and treatment plants. Keeping track of the state of those networks is a challenging task. Smartvatten for Water Utilities collects, combines, and analyzes every available data source on the network, finding challenges early on, enabling you to focus on solving them.

The creation of our wastewater network analytics service was directly based on the challenges that water utilities deal with, like lacking information on the state of immense, aging networks, and having only limited available resources for repairs and renovations. With so much data generated every day by all these the sensors and pumping stations in the network, there had to be a way to put that information towards helping utilities overcome some of their challenges.

A collaboration between water engineers and data scientists resulted in a user-friendly data visualization tool, and has since expanded to highly-detailed analytics and predictions – and we’re constantly working to improve and grow our solution. We help water utilities put their data to use and make smart, informed decisions about the daily upkeep of their networks and the long-term planning of renovations and expansions.

Collecting & Analyzing Data

Our digital, cloud-based solution is designed to be user-friendly, and free up the valuable time of your people to focus not on finding problems, but on solving them. Instead of working your way through tons of data before you can start analyzing that information, we collect and combine every existing data source for you. Think of historic and static information on your network and pumping stations, ongoing daily measurements, and external data sources like the weather, energy consumption, sea levels, and more. Based on that, our software determines what constitutes normal behavior for your network and makes predictions for the future.

Detecting Anomalies

Check the status of your entire network at once in the map viewer, quickly spot any changes, and dive into the specifics for any station or catchment area you’re interested in. If there are any deviations from the normal behavior patterns of your network, our system will automatically trigger an alert – a lot sooner than the problem normally would have been detected. That helps you respond with timely solutions for events like blockages, leaks, or potential capacity problems.

Planning for the Future

By always having the latest information on the state of your wastewater network, prioritizing repairs and renovations for the parts of the network that require attention the most becomes much easier. Allocate your resources in the most efficient way possible and confidently work on reaching your sustainable emissions targets, knowing you fully grasp the challenges of your network. In your personalized dashboard, you can track your network’s specific challenges and make custom choices to suit your network and location. Study what happens to your pumping stations during a particular season or find out the origins of your inflow and infiltration.

Smartvatten for Water Utilities prides itself on providing the most accessible, safest, and smartest tool to put all of your wastewater network’s data to the best possible use. Our service is subscription-based, requires no installations or costly upfront investments, and comes with ongoing guidance and advice from our team.

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