A Practical Take on Industry 4.0 for Water Utilities

Do your automation systems catch network failures before they’re spotted in the environment? Does the automation system recognize potential problems without human input? With modern analytics, the advantages of data can be maximized in a new way, decreasing the number of repetitive routine tasks. As a result, water utilities can focus on fixing problems instead of looking for them. Industry 4.0 for water utilities is not an abstract vision, but a collection of concrete measures and benefits.

What does this mean for your water utility?

Let’s find out! During this free of charge consultation, we will discuss the current state of automation technology and what you can expect from it. We’ll also talk about what you should take into account for future systems. For example, are you currently able to pull data from multiple systems for a reliable status check? We’ll also take a look and see which of your current network measurements can already be used in analysis to locate information about inflow, infiltration, and blockages, among others.

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Key Takeaways


Information on using real-time data to detect inflow, infiltration, blockages, and other anomalies in the network.


The current status of automation and network information systems, maximizing the advantage of collected data and what to take into account for future systems.


Stories from other water utilities on how they’ve taken advantage of data analytics in their day-to-day operations.


Concrete ideas for water utility digitalization.