Why Every Property Manager Wants to Work With Smartvatten

Why Every Property Manager Wants to Work With Smartvatten

Property managers around the world have their hands full taking care of their assets and balancing their budgets. One of the biggest expenses of property management is water – from consumption to sanitation to dealing with leaks. Working with Smartvatten helps lighten that load at multiple levels. Here’s how.

Manually taking down meter readings all over the country, trying to find a leak in a multi-tenant office building, tracking water consumption and sending out bills – it takes up a lot of your time and money. But it doesn’t have to. At Smartvatten, we help your company become water efficient, saving time, money, and the planet’s valuable resources.


Reduce Spending

Taps, showers, toilets, heating facilities and irrigation systems – together, they consume millions of liters of water in each property. You’re also billed for transportation, your connection, and maintenance of the system, and pay for waste and environmental taxes. And for every liter of hot water in your building, you’re also adding to your energy bill. Reduce your consumption, and all those fees go down.

With our help, you can create a clear water efficiency strategy. We continuously remotely monitor your water consumption, and we’ll also go over the state of your entire network. Our software detects leaks in real-time, allowing you to quickly fix them before you waste too much water, or the damage becomes too serious. Learn where your system can improve, with both easy fixes – like adjusting the water pressure and flow rates – and more extensive updates. Transform your building into a future-proof property, ready for any new sustainable regulations or rising costs in the future.


Increase Efficiency

Since our service is completely remote and digital, your manual workload decreases significantly. Annual meter readings are done automatically, and you can check them whenever you want, from any location. All your data is available through our portal and in regular reports, and deviations to your normal consumption behavior automatically trigger alerts.

Want to keep track of your water efficiency progress? You can easily compare your data with previous months or years, and you can also share your data with stakeholders or the local water utility. With our submeter service, you can provide your tenants with insight into their consumption behavior through household displays and detailed invoices – which we can even send out for you.


Comply With Regulations & Score Points

Investing in your property’s water efficiency doesn’t just save money and resources, it also helps you do your part for the environment. Actively working on the responsible management of water reduces the waste of valuable resources, your emissions, and helps you both live up existing environmental rules and regulations and anticipate those to come. And if your buildings are being assessed for their ESG performance, our water efficiency service automatically scores you points and helps you reach the next level and stand out amongst your competitors in the market.

Interested to learn more about how our water efficiency service can lighten your load as a property manager? We’re here to discuss the best custom solution for your property and advise you on your road to sustainability. Contact us at!