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How much does a water leak cost?


40 m3/year


300 m3/year


3,000 m3/year


31,000 m3/year

Leak damage

Around €500,000 is paid in insurance claims in Finland every single day

Frequently Asked Questions

I own a number of properties. Does your pricing take this into consideration?

Smartvatten offers flexible pricing models that take volume into account. Our pricing is flexible, based on the number of sites and the duration of the agreement. Please ask us for more information!

Book a water saving survey

Book a water saving survey

Want to know the true water-saving potential of your property? Order a water saving survey for your property. We will implement thorough examination of the property, including the servicing and modernisation requirements for water fittings of housing units and the pressure level of supply water for the property. The outcome is that you will be precisely aware of the areas for development for improving the water efficiency of your property!


Contact us

Contact us

Simply contact us when you want to further enhance water savings and eliminate unnecessary expenses. Book a free-of-charge remote meeting and we will tell you how Smartvatten can assist you in optimising water savings for your property. We can be very flexible with remote meetings, and the meeting will not obligate you in any way.

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