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Digital water measurement delivers substantial extra value for energy management

We offer our real estate customers real-time monitoring of water consumption and leak alerts. Our service provides concrete savings in water and costs.

Our service is cost-effectively scaled to satisfy the requirements of large property entireties.

All of our water-saving measures are based on measured data. Systematic measurement guarantees high-quality and comparable data.

We integrate the transfer of water consumption data and leak alerts with your own energy management and monitoring system. You can offer your end customers more precise information about water consumption and its costs.

Our interface delivers hourly and monthly water consumption data into the systems. We visualise and report data in easily understood formats.

In Finland and internationally, we monitor over 7,000 sites, and we provide one of the most highly developed water consumption-monitoring SaaS solutions on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

To which systems can water consumption data be transferred?

We deliver measurement data and leak alert data to all the major energy monitoring systems. See our constantly developing list of integrations here and contact us, if your service is not found on the list. Using our API interface, we are also capable of fluently transferring data to other systems – ask more about our services.

What sort of project is the transfer of data from the Smartvatten system in practice?

The receipt of water consumption data from us is a technically lightweight and easy process, as from the very outset we have created our service to be customer-friendly and scalable to precisely the right dimensions. Contact our Customer Service Team for more information about the system.

Who are Smartvatten customers?

Smartvatten serves real estate investors and owners, and housing companies by providing comprehensive water-saving and measurement services. The Smartvatten brand is used outside of Finland in Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany and the USA.

Test the API interface

Test the API interface

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